9 Signs Your Man Is About To End The Relationship

Is he about to end the relationship?

You’ve managed to land yourself in a relationship with someone you love deeply. You hope for the best and you genuinely think that things are going to work out the way that you want them to. Of course. No one would ever go into a relationship thinking about how it’s going to end. You have the best of hopes and you have the biggest of dreams for you and your partner. But then there are times wherein as you get deeper into the relationship, things get a little more complicated. Things aren’t as simple as you initially thought they would be. You grow to discover that relationships are complex and difficult and that maybe you’re not going to be able to have the strength to sustain it after all. When you first got together, you had a very strong bond.

But over time, that bond slowly started to diminish. You felt that you were both growing apart and the issues just became more and more overwhelming. And then the inevitable eventually happens, a love is lost. And that’s a terribly difficult thing to bear. Some of us are privileged enough to actually have the kind of self-awareness that we need to know that a love is about to come to its end. This is good because then, you would actually have the time that you need to prepare yourself for the emotional storm that is about to hit you. But then there are those who aren’t so lucky. They are the ones who don’t see the breakup coming and they get taken by surprise as if life decided to just deliver them a hard sucker punch.

It’s painful when that happens because along with everything else, you will be forced to deal with the shock of the moment that you’re experiencing. But you have to know that breakups are never really sudden. They are a result of a slow build-up over time and if you got blindsided, it’s probably only because you weren’t paying attention. So to make sure that a looming breakup doesn’t take you by surprise, you have to always remember to stay vigilant in the relationship. You have to keep an eye out for the signs that a breakup is coming. And you can choose to either try to fix things or just brace yourself for what’s about to come. Here are 10 signs that your partner is about to break up with you.

1. They seem to grow more irritable and annoyed whenever they’re around you.

The very presence of you makes them annoyed. They used to love being around you but things have changed and feelings have drastically shifted.

2. They lie to you.

They no longer feel like you are worthy of the truth. They don’t care about the repercussions of their lies because they don’t really feel like the relationship is going to have a future anyway.

3. They don’t really make you a priority in their life anymore.

It’s as if you’ve taken a backseat to plenty of other things in their life. You are only second fiddle to their careers. Sometimes, they would even choose their friends over you at this point.

4. They ignore your needs in the relationship.

Your partner just stops giving a damn about everything that is important to you. They no longer care about pleasing you and making sure that all your needs in the relationship are being met. They have no stake in you anymore. They aren’t so invested in making you happy as much as before.

5. They stop throwing compliments your way.

A couple in love would never waste an opportunity to express their admiration and love for one another. And it’s the total opposite for a couple that is falling out of love.

6. They don’t run any errands for you anymore.

When you truly love a person, you would do whatever you could to make that person’s life easier. So when your partner stops making that effort for you, then you can probably connect the dots from here.

7. They don’t really talk about the future with you.

They don’t like to talk about a future with you because frankly, they don’t really see a future with you anymore. When they think about the future, you’re not really present because you’re no longer together in that scenario.

8. There is a substantial drop in your sex life.

Not to say that strong couples don’t have drops in their sex lives. But it’s especially damning to a relationship whenever there is a drop in sexual activities with no foreseeable signs of improvement.

9. You don’t really spend time with one another anymore.

Time is important in a relationship and it is only afforded to those who really matter in life. So if your partner stops giving their time to you, then you can assume you’re no longer important to them.

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  1. I just moved in with my guy of 2 years recently, I have noticed him getting turned on after I talk to one of my lady friends on speeker phone.. We are not talking about sex with men or anything, but he wanted sex while I was talking to her. Then when he said he gets a week off work, and wants to take a trip up north. I said I cant, he mentioned picking my friend up for a road trip. I speek my mind and ask him if he has a crush on her..he is really uncomfortable now, can’t take back something once you’ve said it. I now want to move out due to distrust.

  2. Well I’m in love with my husband but he sys he loves me but shows different. Looks at every woman but me, talks to them behind my back, I don’t have any attractive female friends. Due to he would Holla at them, all the while he ignores me , our s*x life has dropped from doing it everyday to maybe once a month, if I give him oral he falls asleep. Doesn’t help me at all and everything I try to bring up the conversation. He flips a script on me. So why do I still love him. What’s wrong with me , thanks for letting me vent

  3. Sounds like you all need to get rid of them… I went through hell and back with my ex husband. Don’t wanna make a short story long, but I wouldn’t trust a friend that hung out with your partner without you around. All seems very suspicious to me… You can do better.

  4. Hello
    I am that guy. I exhibit all but one of the examples written about in your article but I have agreed to stay. I didn’t have that chemical reaction when we first met, of love and I still don’t. Dating she did all of the asking and setting things in motion, not me. She made it appoint to come after me not the other way around. We never argue because I do not communicate well so I lose the argument, so I figure why bother. Basically, I listen and she does most of the talking. I don’t have the courage to tell her how I feel about anything or initiate any conversation.

  5. Well he has never done most of the things on the list. I decided to take a seat and realized exactly where I am. On my own. With someone who is trying to string me along

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