9 Signs Your New Partner Isn’t Ready To Be In A Relationship

Is your partner not ready to be in a relationship?

There are many truths in the world that can be downright difficult to swallow. One of them is this: Relationships aren’t always going to turn out the way that you want them to. Sometimes, you’re the problem. Sometimes, the universe just gets in the way and it’s no one’s fault. But there are also some instances wherein it’s your partner’s fault. There’s just no way for anyone to know for sure what a person is going to end up being like once you get deep into a relationship. That’s why a lot of people can get blindsided by their partners’ toxic behavior. However, there is a way to tell early on in the relationship if a partner just isn’t ready to be with you. You just have to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for these signs:

1. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

He is such a big baby. He never thinks that his actions have consequences. He doesn’t feel like he has to face the repercussions of his decisions. He chooses to believe that he is above them all and that he is immune to punishments. He always expects you to take the blame on his behalf and bear the weight of the relationship. He believes himself too good to be hassled.

2. He refuses to believe that he can be wrong about something.

He always thinks he’s right. He is very close-minded and he doesn’t really like to entertain contrasting perspectives. He isn’t very tolerant of the opposing opinions of others. He doesn’t deal with conflict or contradiction well. He doesn’t have the curious mind that can be found in people who are eager to learn new things. He rarely ever likes to step out of his comfort zone.

3. He tells you that he can do so much better than you.

He still keeps telling you that he’s keeping his options open. He just refuses to commit to you at all. He threatens you with the prospect of getting into a relationship with another person. He wants you to bend at his will and kiss his feet at all times. A person who threatens you with a breakup is a person who just isn’t really serious about being in a relationship with you.

4. He holds back when it comes to expressing his affections.

He isn’t as open about his emotions as you would like him to be. He seems very cold, closed off, and distant and there’s a reason for it. He doesn’t want to put himself in a position of vulnerability with you. He sees you as a threat to his manhood and he refuses to give you power over him. He always wants to maintain dominance in the relationship and so he will not want you to know just how much you mean to him.

5. He carries a grudge.

He will forget all of those times that you were a sweet and great girlfriend. But he will never forget all of those times you stumbled and screwed up. He will carry your sins like a cross. He will hold a grudge against you and use it as a bargaining chip for as long as he can. He wants you to realize just how bad you are as a girlfriend even though you really aren’t.

6. He rarely puts effort into planning your dates.

He doesn’t think you deserve to be taken out on a nice date. He is perfectly content with ordering in some pizza every night of the week. He doesn’t think that you’re worth making plans for. He doesn’t really place much importance into actually making you feel good about the relationship.

7. He is selfish.

He only thinks of himself. He always acts on his own accord and he never thinks about how his actions would make you feel. He only looks out for himself and he will do whatever he can to make himself happy; even if you end up getting hurt along the way. The only person in his mind is himself, and he never really thinks about you. To him, he is the most important person in the world and you don’t even come close.

8. He isolates you from all of your loved ones.

He wants you to believe that you are worthless and that you are dependent on him. He wants you to think that no one cares about you and that he’s the only one who can help you get through life’s troubles. He wants to shut you out from everyone else so that you grow to rely on just him for company and support even though he’s never going to give you any.

9. He is a mediocre lover.

Your relationship is mediocre and you know it. It doesn’t make you happy. There is no magic or spark at all. There is no excitement. There is only dullness. Don’t you dare hesitate from walking away from a relationship like that.

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