9 Signs Your Significant Other Loves You For Who You Really Are

If they love you for who you are, don’t ever let them go.

1. They love every single thing about you whether it’s good or bad.

You know thatyou are genuinely loved when your partner chooses to accept your flaws as partof who you really are as a person. Your partner loves the entirety of you: allthe good parts and the bad parts. Your partner knows that when it comes to you,it’s the whole thing or none at all. They couldn’t care less about your flawsand imperfection because their love is genuine and true.

2. You don’t even need to mention when something is wrong forthem to know about it.

They are verygood at telling whenever you need to get something off your chest. They knowyou so well that you don’t even have to mention whenever you’re feeling downabout something. You’ve somehow established a very deep and personal emotionalconnection with each other. You are able to feed off of each other’s energiesand it’s easy for the both of you to tell how the other is feeling.

3. They always know what to do whenever you’re going throughsomething difficult.

It’s not enoughthat your partner simply knows about whenever you’re feeling down or dejected.They actually also know what to do during the difficult times. They know theperfect thing to say to lighten your mood. They know exactly what it is theyneed to do to help relieve you of your stress. They are naturally nurturing andit is because you manage to bring it out of them. Your relationship has gottento a point wherein you practically take care of each other. – Continue reading on the next page

4. They always make an effort to put a smile on your face.

Life is allabout the pursuit of happiness. We all strive to be happy and your partnerunderstands that very well. They always make it a point to always make surethat you’re happy and smiling. They never want to see you feeling sad, worried,or troubled. They would do whatever they could to have you grinning and laughingevery chance they get. And somehow, they always manage to succeed in making youhappy no matter how bad you feel.

5. They are your biggest cheerleaders.

They know thatyou are a driven and ambitious person. They will always be at your side to holdyour hand and help you through the most difficult paths of your life. They arethere to push you to become the best possible version of yourself. They arethere for whenever you stumble; to help pick you up and get you going again.They are there to always make sure that you don’t lose momentum and that youstay focused. And when it’s all said and done, they’ll be there at your sidesmiling at you once you achieve all of your life goals and dreams.

6. They make it a point to help you overcome your deepestfears.

They know thatyou are only human and they love that about you. They know that you have yourfears and your shortcomings as all people do. They understand that you areflawed and that you have your own personal vulnerabilities and insecurities.However, they would never allow you to become a prisoner of your own fear. Theywill always push and assist you in overcoming whatever it is that is blockingyou from maximizing your own potential. They will never allow you to paralyzeyourself because you are afraid. They will be there for you to help urge you oneven when you’re scared. They will be brave enough for the both of you.

7. They make an effort to be liked by the people you love themost in life.

They understandjust how much your family and close friends mean to you. They would never makeyou feel like your friends and family don’t matter. In fact, they would make ita point to have your friends and family accept them into their social circles.They wouldn’t be able to live with themselves knowing your friends and familyjust don’t approve of your relationship. So they would do whatever they couldto win over the affections of your friends and family.

8. They don’t force you to open up about the things you’reuncomfortable with, but they’re there for you whenever you’re ready.

They understandyou whenever you have your mood swings. They empathize with you whenever you’renot in the mood to talk. They will just sit still and they would never forceyou to express yourself especially when you aren’t ready to do so. They will besensitive of your feelings and they would never make you feel like you arepressured to do anything around them. They will allow you to be yourself.

9. They will never shy away from saying I love you to you.

They will neverhesitate to let you know that you are loved. You don’t even have to ask. Youdon’t even have to be doing something special or significant. The momentdoesn’t even necessarily have to be extraordinary. They will grasp everyopportunity they can to tell you that you are loved. 

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