9 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship You Need To Walk Away From

Say no to abusive relationships!

It’s a sad truth that abusive relationships continue to exist in this day and age. Abuse can take its shape in various forms. In a lot of relationships, abuse can be subtle and unnoticed to the untrained eye. In other relationships, it isn’t necessarily as discreet. Abuse can be both physical and emotional; but either way, abuse must never be tolerated in a relationship. However, a lot of people will try to live through the abuse. They will tolerate it out of fear of any backlash that may come from resisting. They think that it would be better to live in an abusive relationship than to be single. 

This is a mindset that these people are going to have to alter. They will have to come to the realization that no relationship is ever worth saving if it is an abusive one. They have to understand that abusive partners are not likely to change their character. Abusive relationships are incredibly toxic and destructive. They have the power to destroy the souls of anyone who gets caught in the crossfire. 

Don’t be too blind so as to ignore the sins of an abusive partner. You should never ever tolerate being on the receiving end of abuse in any relationship. You should have a developed sense of self-respect and dignity as a person. You should always learn to stand up for yourself. You should always demand to be treated the way that you deserve to be treated in a relationship: with love, care, and affection. You shouldn’t have to be subjected to the emotional torment and trauma of an abusive relationship. Just learn to walk away. Be strong and be confident in the fact that you are better off staying single. 

If your relationship is guilty of a lot of the items listed on here, then it is highly likely that it is an abusive one. Be vigilant and learn to read the signs early on and you might be able to save yourself from substantial heartbreak and disappointment. 

1. Your partner objectifies you and treats you as his personal property.

You should never relegate yourself to being treated as an object. You are a human being with feelings, dreams, opinions, and emotions. You aren’t someone’s personal possession. If your partner treats you like an object that merely belongs to him, then you are stuck in an abusive relationship. 

2. Your make excuses for your partner’s bad behavior on a constant basis.

You want to turn a blind eye to all the abuses of your relationship. You are acting out of desperation. You don’t want to go back to the single life. And so you will try to rationalize your partner’s bad behavior even though it’s inexcusable. There is absolutely no reasonable excuse for someone to be abusive. 

3. Your partner has outrageous fits of unwarranted jealousy.

It’s understandable for couples in relationships to get mildly jealous every once in a while. It comes with the deal. But it’s another case entirely whenever your partner gets outrageously jealous even though there’s no reason to be. 

4. Your partner likes to control every single aspect of your life.

Your partner is an absolute control freak and it isn’t a good thing. He wants to be able to control every single aspect of your life. He has stripped you of your own freedom and you are no longer able to make your own decisions in life. It’s as if you are merely living out someone else’s dreams. 

5. Your partner sets unreasonable expectations for you in the relationship.

Every couple is going to have expectations in the relationship. Each person is going to set expectations for their partners. That’s perfectly reasonable. However, these expectations must always be realistic and feasible. If your partner is always unfairly holding you to an unreasonable standard, he might be doing it just to set you up for failure. 

6. Your partner isolates you from everyone outside of the relationship.

Your partner wants to make you feel more vulnerable and more alone. He doesn’t want you to feel empowered in any shape or form. That’s why he’s doing his best to isolate you from any form of help. He wants you to learn your own helplessness by shutting you off from everyone else. 

7. Your partner refuses to take responsibility for his faults and wrongdoings.

He is very immature and he is always casting the blame your way. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions because he knows he can rely on you for being a scapegoat. He wants you to bear the negative consequences of his actions. 

8. Your partner physically hurts you.

There should never be room for physical altercations in a relationship. No good relationship is ever going to survive where physical abuse is present. If your partner physically harms you, whether seriously or not, it’s not something that you can just turn a blind eye to. 

9. Your partner manipulates you.

You’re his partner. You are supposed to be someone he loves and respects. He shouldn’t be manipulating you to bend over backwards for him. He shouldn’t be tricking you into loving him. He shouldn’t be hypnotizing you into thinking that you can’t survive a life without him. 

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