9 Signs You’re Married to Someone Who Just Doesn’t Respect You

If you are a lover of love, then it’s likely that you really dream of having a relationship with someone who makes you feel happy and fulfilled. You long for spending the rest of your life with the person who is always going to bring a lot of joy and brightness to your days; and you’re going to want to have a relationship that is sustainable and strong. But of course, it’s not always going to be as simple as you might want it to be. It takes a whole lot more than just love and commitment to make a relationship work. There is always a need to establish a mutual sense of trust and respect for a marriage to last.

And when there is a significant lack of respect in a relationship, then your marriage is really going to have a very dim outlook. When you feel like there is a lack of respect on the part of your partner in your marriage, you really need to do something about it. Remember that you are only human and that you can only tolerate so much mistreatment and disrespect. So whenever you know that you are being disrespected, you need to be able to call it out and make a change.

Otherwise, you know that you are just giving your partner a free pass to mistreat you. You are showing that you are being tolerant of things that you shouldn’t be tolerating at all. In a marriage, it’s important for you to really put your foot down and fight for the things that you believe in. Otherwise, the marriage is only going to make you unhappy; and that’s really not what you want for yourself and your partner.

1. Your thoughts and opinions only fall on deaf ears.

You should always have a relationship where you are made to feel like you are being heard and valued. And when you are made to feel otherwise, you know that there is blatant disrespect. Your partner doesn’t respect you enough to actually pay attention to you and hear you out. Your thoughts and feelings are often left unacknowledged and ignored because your partner doesn’t give you the validation that you’re deserving of.

2. You are constantly being lied to.

You have a partner who doesn’t respect you enough to believe that you should always be worthy of the truth. You are married to someone who thinks that it’s okay to lie to you and to conceal the truth from you. This is a person who doesn’t really believe in the concept of trust and loyalty when it comes to coming clean.

3. You are more of a spectator than an actual participant in your relationship.

You are always made to feel like your opinion doesn’t matter and that your thoughts don’t carry any weight. Your partner is always calling the shots because they don’t respect you enough to trust you with taking control of the relationship.

4. Your partner gives you the cold shoulder.

Your partner would rather ignore you than talk about the things that you want to talk about. Your partner would rather give you the cold shoulder than actually communicate with you like a real adult. Your partner disrespects you by giving you silence when you deserve real words.

5. You get insulted by your partner just to make you feel bad.

Your partner doesn’t just criticize you out of love or care. They aren’t doing it to help you grow and mature as an individual. They insult you to make you feel bad; to really hurt your feelings. And that’s not even just plain disrespectful; that’s outright inhumane. And you shouldn’t have to put up with being married to someone like that.

6. Your partner refuses to spend time with your friends and family.

Your partner doesn’t really think it important to get closer to the important people in your life; and that’s a blatant form of disrespect. Your partner should always be welcoming of all aspects of your life; including the people you love.

7. Your partner doesn’t see you as an equal.

You are just married to someone who sees their self as someone above you. You are always made to feel small and insignificant. You are always made to feel like you are beneath who you actually are. Your partner doesn’t respect you to see you as a real equal. It’s as if your worth as a human doesn’t match their own; and that’s a blatant form of disrespect.

8. Your partner is always acting so selfishly.

If you have a selfish partner, then you know that this so someone who really doesn’t respect you enough to care about your needs and expectations. There is no room for supreme selfishness in any kind of relationship; and you shouldn’t be tolerant of excessively selfish behavior in your marriage. Your spouse needs to be able to prioritize the needs of the marriage more than their own individual desires.

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