9 Signs Your Relationship Is Too Focused On Sex

You are always going to need some serious sexual spark and intimacy in your relationship. When you are working towards the long-term, you always need to sustain the passion in your relationship. However, passion shouldn’t always be manifested in the form of PHYSICAL intimacy. Your relationship shouldn’t be centered around sex. You can’t let your sexual activities serve as the foundation on which you can build your romantic relationship.

You need to prioritize values like love, respect, trust, and other important things. So, if you and your partner only ever really connect when you’re having sex, then you know that you have a problem in your relationship. It shows that you are being overdependent on sex and you are compromising the other essential aspects of it. If you let sex serve as the center of your relationship, you aren’t really going to be able to connect with your partner on a deep level. You aren’t going to be able to build the bond and connection that you have with one another – and if that’s the case, your relationship is going to end up crumbling to the ground.

You need to constantly work on feeling more fulfilled, accepted, and revitalized in the relationship that you’re in. And you would never be able to do that with just sex in your relationship. Your significant other is always going to hold a very special place in your life; someone who is going to carry much influence on how you go about your days. And if you aren’t really able to find other aspects of your life that your partner could appreciate or value, then you might end up feeling unfulfilled in your own relationship.

That’s why if you find that a lot of the signs listed on here apply to you and your partner, you need to make a serious change. You have to make sure that you aren’t just making your relationship all about sex. You need to be able to give life to the other aspects of your relationship. So without much further ado, here are a few signs that your relationship has grown overly dependent on sex.

1. You don’t really talk about things that don’t concern sex.

All of your conversations essentially center around the two of you doing it. However, while that can be good for physical intimacy, that isn’t so good for your emotional bond and connection as a couple. You won’t really be able to build depth in your relationship if you only talk about sex.

2. You get really touch in public.

You can’t help yourselves. You are always engaging in some kind of physical intimacy in public spaces even when it’s making the people around you feel very uncomfortable.

3. You are always thinking about sex.

Your mind seems to never land on anything that doesn’t involve the two of you having sex anymore. You are just absolutely consumed by the idea of having sex with your partner, and it’s because your relationship doesn’t really have anything else that is worth noting.

4. You rarely ever go on dates.

Your dates always center around the two of you lounging around at home so that it’s easier for the two of you to have sex. You don’t really spend time doing other things or partaking in other activities. You don’t go on trips, dinners, movies, or anything else that doesn’t involve the two of you making love.

5. You don’t really open up on an emotional level.

You aren’t really going to build the emotional bond and connection that you have with one another if you don’t talk about your feelings. You always need to discuss your feelings and expectations with each other if you’re going to stay on the same page in your relationship.

6. You’re only ever really happy when you are having sex.

You find that your mood is often dependent on your sex life. When your relationship goes on a dry spell when it comes to sex, then you feel like your mood is down as well. You don’t feel happy or fulfilled in your relationship because you’re not having sex in your relationship – and nothing else is able to uplift your spirits.

7. You feel awkward whenever you’re not in the bedroom.

You’re only ever really comfortable when you’re having sex.

8. You fix arguments only with sex.

All the problems in your relationship aren’t always going to be solved by sex. Yes, you can fix a few problems concerning physical intimacy if you ramp up your sex life. However, a lot of the real issues that plague your relationship can only be solved by serious communication.

9. You never really hang out during the day.

You are only hanging out at night. Why? It’s because it’s during the night time where the two of you can really connect and bond with one another. And when you say bond, it’s really just the two of you having sex.

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