9 Signs You’re Truly In Love With Your Partner And Not Just The Idea Of Them

 You’re in an amazing relationship!

1. You always push them to become better people.

You’re a team.You always push your partners to become the best possible version ofthemselves. You are always there to support them in their pursuit of theirdreams and goals. You are there to hold their hands when times get rough. Youare there to cheer them on during their proudest moments. You are therestanding by their side through the good times and the bad. The point is thatyou are always trying to enable them to maximize their potential.

2. You find a way to seamlessly build a future around themand your relationship together.

You understandthat you’re not just playing around with your relationship. You don’t see yourpartner as just some temporary person at a particular phase of your life. Yousee your relationship as an important foundation on which your future could bebuilt around. You plan a wonderful future with your partner and yourrelationship in mind. You find a way to envision a future for yourself whereinyou are living out all your goals and dreams while your partner is standing atyour side every step of the way.

3. You don’t feel the need to show your relationship off toother people.

You know thetype of couples who are guilty of this. They try so hard to portray to theirsocial media networks that they are in a relationship that is full of absolutebliss and love whether or not that’s really the case. You don’t feel compelledto broadcast the ins and outs of your relationship to your friends because youare secure in your own romance. You know that things are going well and thatthey couldn’t be better. You aren’t seeking validation from your social mediafollowers because the only validation you need is your own.

4. You are perfectly fine with occasional solitude.

You know how tobe alone. You aren’t completely dependent on being in your relationship. Yes,you are thankful that you are in the kind of relationship that a lot of peoplewant to be in as well, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t allot time foryourself every once in a while. If for whatever reason, your partner is unableto cater to your needs, you have no problems with taking care of yourself. Youdon’t need to constantly have your partner there to baby you when things getrough.

5. You aren’t carrying any emotional baggage from previousrelationships.

Sometimes,people dive into new relationships as a coping mechanism for dealing withdifficult breakups. If you know that you are completely over the pain andbitterness of previous toxic relationships, then you can bet that the love youhave for your current partner is real. Relationships that are plagued byemotional baggage from previous romantic flames can make for very problematicdynamics.

6. You feel at home whenever you’re together regardless ofwhere you are.

When you’re withyour significant other, you start to understand that home is a person and not aplace. You start feeling the kind of comfort and peace that you used to feel asa child when you were within the safe space of your bedroom. That’s the kind ofcomfort that an infant finds in its mother embrace; the kind of comfort that amajestic eagle has as it’s soaring through the blue sky; the kind of comfortthat waves have as they brush up against the shore in an endless cyclic motion.

7. The trust in your relationship is palpable.

You value andyou trust each other. You always believe in each other. You know that yourpartner is always going to be looking out for you at all times. You know thatyou never have to worry about what your partner is doing when you’re not payingattention. You always know that you have each other’s backs and that you wouldnever betray each other.

8. You don’t compare your relationship to other peoples’.

The insidedealings of other relationships are no longer of concern to you. You don’t careabout what other relationships are like because you understand that allrelationships are different. You don’t have time to be noticing the nuances ofother relationships because you are too caught up in the love and wonder ofyour own relationship. You are too busy getting lost in the excitement of yourown personal romance that there’s practically no point in comparing it toothers.

9. You are no longer interested in wondering about what itwould be like to date other people.

You’re no longeravailable to the market. You don’t care about the possibility of meeting betterpeople because you know you’ve found the best possible person to be withalready. You are so secure and content in your relationship that you no longerwonder about whether the grass really is greener on the other side. You are socomfortable in your relationship right now and there’s no way that you wouldever rock that boat. 

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