9 signs You’re With a Real and Faithful Man

All girls have their own idea of the perfect man- the kind of man they hope to find one day, the man they can spend their entire lives with. So some girls will prefer tall guys, some prefer short. Some want a guy who they can have fun with, while others just want someone to share their deepest darkest side with. But no matter what kind of physical attributes or personality traits you prefer, one thing that remains an essential requirement for all girls is ‘loyalty’ and there are no two opinions about this!

So if you want to assure yourself of your man’s loyalty, look out for the following signs in him:

1. Intimacy isn’t just 20 minutes under the sheets

You know that guy who doesn’t really have much to talk about, won’t ever plan out any unique romantic dates for you and the only time you’ve ever seen him happy and excited beside you is when you’re getting intimate. And the minute that’s over, when he’s done what he was here for in the first place, he’ll return to being the cold, disinterested person that he is.

Yeah, I’m sure you remember him but your current man is nothing like that! He doesn’t just want to fast forward everything to an hour in the bedroom and even when he does, it’s followed up by even more love and affection. An hour of intimacy is usually followed up by an entire night of cuddles and long talks.

2. You have an all access pass to his house

No one likes interruptions in their life and no one wants to grant permanent and unrestricted authorisation to their one safe haven to just anyone they meet. So if your partner was confident enough to hand you a copy of their apartment’s keys without you even asking for them, then this is a sure shot sign of their loyalty towards you.

3. He remembers to call and text you at the most random times

He’s been really busy all day at work. You don’t even expect him to take the time out just to talk to you, but that’s exactly what he does! In the middle of everything, when he’s buried in work from head to toe and tensions are running high, he’ll remember to let you know that he’s thinking of you. It can be a simple message or just a 2 minute call but he won’t end a day without talking to you, at least once.

4. You’re the only person he has eyes for

Now we’re not saying you should go all crazy judging him for this one point. Sure, he will notice the people around you, he’ll even joke with you about that really hot girl from across the table just to see you get a little jealous. But when all is said and done, when all the fun and games are over, and when he’s sitting across from you with his eyes fixed, just listening intently to what you’re saying, you’ll feel so sure about the fact that he’s never looked at another girl the way he looks at you.

5. He’s told his friends all about you

He doesn’t panic at the sight of his college friends when you guys run into them at a random party, he doesn’t introduce you to the people around him as a new friend he made, he doesn’t avoid putting up a Snap chat story with you just to hide your secret romance and he definitely does not feel any shame in admitting his feelings about you openly, at least to the people who matter to him.

His friends know absolutely everything about you, from how you guys met to how you managed to make him fall head over heels in love with you.

6. He doesn’t mind doing anything for you

He doesn’t have old-fashioned and discriminatory views about gender roles. He won’t mind cooking up an amazing dinner for your date night or helping you change your sheets. And when you’re having the laziest day and feel like doing absolutely nothing, he’ll be around to help you complete all your work.

7. He’s interested in anything and everything about you

He doesn’t want to find just this one common hobby or interest that you both share and then work out all of your conversations and free time around that one thing. No, that’s not how he goes about this relationship! He takes a genuine interest in all of your likes and dislikes and wants to know all the deepest, darkest thoughts you have in that beautiful mind of yours.

8. He has nothing to hide

He doesn’t have a pass code on his phone and he won’t give a second thought to leaving his phone with you for any reason at all. And this one time when you needed to see some pictures from his Facebook account, he didn’t hesitate for a single second before giving you his password. Now it’s not like you’re some psycho stalker who’ll take these opportunities to go through all of his personal conversations, but it feels nice to know that even if you did, he wouldn’t have anything to hide.

9. He never takes you for granted

In all this time that you’ve been together, you’ve always felt like a priority to him and not just an option. If you already made plans together on the same day that his friend has decided to throw a party, he won’t ditch on you last minute. If he has to make an important life decision, your opinion will be a major contributing factor.

And if you ever reach a point where life just stops making sense, when you just stop being happy, and when you can’t help but be a little irritated with everyone you meet, he’ll know how to make you feel better, how to bring you back to life. Because ladies, this one guy is right here for you in the good times as well as the bad.

Ladies, talk to me

Tell me you’ve found him, the man I’m talking about in my article. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

  1. I have a boyfriend an he is a hard worker, very caring an helpful with his parents. We are somewhat oppisites of each other. I love the warm weather, the beach, camping , taking nice walks or rides. He is a person who loves the Mountains, the cold weather, he likes sex an toys, the videos but not a guy that loves to touch you if yr lying naked or if trying to tease him with my body. He doesnt just out of the blue want to snuggle, I love to but sometimes ( he is a smoker ) I cant snuggle with someone who smells like an ashtray. I have more to tell but need advise if its me or him.

    1. Smoking has always been a dealbreaker for me! That ashtray smell just makes me wanna puke 🤮 if he can’t get that nicotine monkey off his back or isn’t even trying to then you need to ditch his ass for someone better.

  2. I was (unknowingly) with a guy that hit on every girl he met and he did most of the things listed. The password one is the only thing on the list he did wrong (that was when I found out he was cheating). So just be careful cus he could give off signs he’s perfect but secretly be trash.

  3. My husband and I have been together for 17 years now. He is 7.5 out of 9. He and I have been learning to grow together. Some of these things he has done simply out of not being aware-He use to take me forgranted. Here and there we deal with this, but he is always trying to correct past mistakes. Does he only have eyes for me, 100% I am not going to say it’s all yes or just no. He is respectful for the most part. When he was was drinker no, he was a little out of pocket but since he has been 100% sober. He is amazing always.

  4. I love my boyfriend but still have to meet his family after 2 years 3 months relationship. He met mine and they love him. I keep bringing it up and he keeps changing subject and I end up upset. I just turned 42 and he is 34. Maybe its the age and the fact that I was previously married and have a child

    1. I don’t know girl… those are usually signs he’s hiding something 🤷🏽‍♀️but you know him better than I do.

  5. I’m with my man 7yrs and I don’t think he loves me the way I love him . I rarely meet his friends
    Havnt been given a key to his door. Sure he cooks meals for me but our conversation isn’t flowing. Sex life is ok could be better and its always one sided. I’m getting dis heartened and it’s getting boring too. . Am I wasting my time. I have told him several times how I was feeling but nothing seems to change for the better. Am I wasting my time I do love him but I’m starting to question his feelings for me

  6. I’m happy for you and my other half does drink alot but I can’t see him giving up. I get told sure its only 3/4 pints say 5/7 .

  7. I’ve been talking with this guy for around 12 years and from day one he’s been telling me he loves me but we don’t spend time together except when he wants. We live about 45 minutes apart. Been telling myself to move on because I don’t see this going anywhere especially since he hasn’t really said we were in a relationship. Advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.

    1. Listen you deserve to be with someone that commits to you. It’s difficult to let go of someone but in the long run you look back and wish you would have left sooner

    2. Roxanne, cut your losses and run for the hills. The situation is never going to change. Find someone who will want you to be part of his life ALL the way… I used to be in the same situation and I had to find out later he was also involved with someone else…

  8. My man passed all things listed here. But then again, he’s human and bound to make mistakes. But I love him still. He’s the type of man who couldn’t keep his hands off me whenever we’re together and puts his phone down to chat and cuddle. He’s heaven-sent. I work from home, but I make sure to wait for him on the porch when he comes home from work.

  9. I found my love on Instagram. You hear they could be scammers so I was very cautious. I looked him up on reverse image. Ha I found he was a model once at early age. So I asked him about it he got mad at first but he understood why I did investigate him. After months of chatting he’s letting me know I’m his one and only. Can a long distance love be more than just chatting online? Help! Should I find Romeo closer?

  10. 25yrs and have been married to this man whose 42yrs of age at first I thought it was all normal with the jealous but now it’s out of hand. He doesn’t want me to work or do anything for myself every time I make a move he gets so upset thinking that am gonna live for another man..what can I do??Am losing myself I need to build my life too

    1. Please I know it is hard but if you get the chance you need to run as far away from him as possible. I was married for almost 16 years to a guy who would not let me have a car and would not let me spend time with my friends and family. He ended up killing him self in front of me.

  11. Already found the man with every specific reasons to live for. Like all of those 9 factors of finding the right man to be with, and reading these facts remind me everything about him. It’s sooo him. The very love of my life, who’se God has given me with. Hope you found also yours.

  12. I found him finally near the end of last year since being cheated on by the past ones and getting mentally ill. I’m never letting him go and he treats me normal even though I’m neurodiverse and treats me like a queen ☺️ I love him so much. I believe we were meant to meet because I almost gave up

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