9 Simple Things That You Do Which Really Annoy Him

Men, do you agree?

There always seems like there’s an immeasurable bliss at the start of a relationship. Initially, you tend to put forth the best possible version of yourself. You always want to make sure that your initial impression as a romantic partner is a good one. You would never want the relationship to get on a rocky start because of you. And for the most part, it really does work. This is called the honeymoon phase in the relationship. It’s a chunk of the relationship where all the positive feelings are still fresh and all the toxic parts have yet to reveal themselves. But sadly, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. It always gets to a point where the little annoyances and bad habits will start to become more evident.

It’s normal for all couples to go through this. The initial high of a new relationship eventually dies down and then things start to get real. It’s not something that you can control. You are going to do some things that annoy him and he’s just going to have to accept that. But if you feel like you lack the self-awareness necessary to pinpoint the exact things that might be getting on his nerves, then maybe this article is for you. Just because he should be patient and understanding doesn’t mean that you get to continually annoy him if you can do otherwise.

Whatever bad habits that you may be doing, you have to be able to correct them for the sake of the relationship. It’s the same as when you ask him to be a better man towards you by ceasing to do any more of his bad habits. So what are some examples of things that you do which might be annoying to him? Read on until the end of this article to find out.

1. You trap him with the Do I look fat in this? question.

It’s a trap for him. If he tells you that you don’t look fat, you will accuse him of being dishonest or insincere. If he tells you that you look fat, you’ll get upset at him for telling you that you’re fat. He hates it when you put him in a lose-lose situation like this.

2. You keep on texting him even though you know he’s out with his boys.

A boys’ night out is sacred especially if he doesn’t get these all too often. He’s a good boyfriend and of course he would reply to whatever messages you might send him. He just wishes that you would give him a night of freedom every once in a while.

3. You expect him to clean up your messes for you.

Just because you’re in a relationship together doesn’t entitle you to make him your personal servant. Remember that he still has a life of his own to live with its own share of problems. Take care of whatever tasks that you can take on for yourself.

4. You lead him to believe that you’re okay even when you’re not.

If something is upsetting you, then you have to let him know. Don’t keep on hiding it all in. Stop keeping your feelings to yourself; while at the same time expecting him to know what you feel.

5. You arrive late for dates.

You have to be able to respect his time too. Whenever you are late for your dates, you aren’t just being inefficient with your time, you are also essentially telling him that his time doesn’t matter to you.

6. You don’t give him a chance to get a word in whenever you’re talking.

Remember that communication is always going to be a two-way street. You can’t expect good communication to rely on just yourself. You have to allow him to get a word in. You have to be willing to listen to him talk just as much as you talk yourself.

7. You talk about the intimacies of your relationship to your friends.

Whatever happens in your relationship should only be of your concern. There’s nothing nice about you telling your friends about the most intimate aspects of your relationship with your man. You have to make sure that you respect his wishes for privacy and discretion as well. You can’t violate his trust.

8. You make the conversation about you.

Not everything is about you. Remember that in a relationship, you can’t be the star. You both have to allot time for one another in an equal and balanced manner. You can’t be the focal point of every single conversation.

9. You look at your phone more than you look at him during a date.

Put your phone down on date night. Your social media browsing can wait for when you’re not with him. When you’re out with him, focus solely on him and on the date that you’re on together. Take this opportunity to really connect with one another.

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