9 Situations That Make It Okay For You To Walk Away From The Person You Love

Hey. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. 

That’s the way of life. And if we can’t accept that, then we’re not really built for living life. Sometimes, we get lucky and the universe cooperates with the plans that we have for ourselves. But then, a vast majority of times, we fail. Reality just doesn’t want to match our expectations and we have to make do with our disappointment. And that’s a truth that applies to various aspects of life even love. There are so many relationships that fall and crumble despite the best of intentions and the most genuine of loves. And that’s because not even love and good intentions will be enough to sustain a relationship for the long-term. There are just so many factors that go into making a relationship work and sometimes, the problems that couples encounter are just beyond fixing.

Of course, relationships are never designed to be easy. That’s why the best and strongest couples are always the ones that continually work on their relationships. They are the ones that recognize the difficulties that are bound to plague their relationships and they face them head on. These are the resilient couples who don’t give up at the first sign of difficulty. These are the couples who are always willing to put in the extra effort just to save the love that they have. Because at the end of the day, love is always going to be worth fighting for

However, the truth remains that some love stories just aren’t meant to be. And it would be wrong for couples to stay in relationships even when they’re clearly not built to stay together forever. Whenever couples find that not even all the effort in the world will be enough to fix their problems, they have to accept that things have to end. They have to develop the courage that they need to just walk away from their partners and the relationships. There are some people who don’t want to walk away from their romances just because they’re still in love. They feel guilty about walking away from a love.

But sometimes, there are just some situations that you need to walk away from no matter how real your love might be.

1. Your partner refuses to talk about the future of your relationship.

You need to be secure enough in your relationship to know that the two of you have a future together. But if your partner just never assures you that you have a place in their future, then you shouldn’t have to tolerate that. You deserve to be with someone who can envision being with you in the long-term.

2. Your partner is irresponsible with your physical and emotional well-being.

It takes two mature adults to really sustain a relationship. And when your partner is very irresponsible with their treatment of you and with their roles in the relationship, it shows that they are immature and they aren’t ready to be in a real relationship.

3. Your partner is manipulative and abusive.

Manipulation and abuse are always big no-no’s in a romantic relationship. Even if you love your abusive partner, you have to walk away from them before you become damaged goods.

4. Your partner has violent tendencies.

Violence is something that should never be tolerated in any relationship at all. And violence can be physical and emotional in nature. And if you know that your partner has violent tendencies, you have to walk away from them even if you’re still in love.

5. Your partner doesn’t respect your personal rules and boundaries.

Just because you get into a relationship together doesn’t mean that your partner is automatically entitled to controlling you. You should still be able to set your boundaries, and they have to be able to respect it.

6. Your partner is constantly being unfaithful to you.

Cheating can be forgivable for some people. But it’s also something that you don’t have to tolerate. If you don’t want to be with a perpetual cheater, then just walk away.

7. You have more painful moments in the relationships than happy ones.

While relationships don’t have to be perfect all of the time, they shouldn’t be so miserable all of the time either. Yes, you are supposed to have challenges. But you should still be enjoying your relationship for the most part.

8. Your partner refuses to meet you halfway on anything.

A lot of what is required to make a relationship work is compromise. And if your partner just can’t seem to meet you halfway on anything, you have to walk away from that.

9. Your partner refuses to integrate you into their life.

It’s like you are practically non-existent in the life of your partner. They don’t introduce you to their friends or family. They don’t make time in their schedule for you. There’s a certain inconsistency there that makes you insecure about your place in the relationship.

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