9 Special Things About Your Relationship With Your Soulmate

Dating can be such a hassle a lot of the time. It can be really difficult to refrain from questioning the longevity and strength of your relationship. You will wonder whether the relationship that you’re in is going to get better or if you’re going to feel a spark with someone special. Luckily enough, when you find someone who is actually the right one for you, it’s going to be easier for you to tell if that person is truly your soulmate.

Your life isn’t necessarily going to take on the characteristics of a fairy tale, but you’re definitely going to notice some very real and unique differences in terms of how you feel and the person you become when you’re in a relationship with your soulmate.

Dating can be frustrating, and it’s hard not to wonder if any of your relationships will get better or if you’ll really feel that spark with someone special. Luckily, once you’ve found someone who’s right for you, there are a number of ways to tell if someone is your soulmate. Your life still may not be some fantastic fairy tale, but you’ll notice some distinct differences in how you feel when you’re with your soulmate and how the relationship operates.

“A relationship with your soulmate feels dramatically different from other relationships because there is a natural, almost instinctual, alignment with one another,” says psychotherapist Avery Neal, M.A., LPC. “You may not even believe a person so consistent with you even exists! Whereas other relationships may feel like a struggle, almost as if you are swimming upstream, with your soulmate things tend to flow effortlessly between the two of you. It is not that there is never conflict or disconnection, but even during these times there is never a doubt of love between the two of you and both of you work to restore closeness again.”

It really is a great feeling once you find the person who you just know you’re meant to be with. And it’s going to be evident in the way that you interact with one another. You’re just going to be able to tell that there really is something different whenever you’re with your soulmate. And if you’re not aware of what those things are, you can continue to read on below.

1. You have really amazing chemistry in the bedroom.

There is just undeniable chemistry between the two of you. It’s palpable. You just know your way around each other’s bodies as if you’re practically the same person.

2. You can sit in perfect silence with one another.

You don’t really have to be doing or saying anything to one another. You can be sitting in perfect silence and you would still feel really comfortable and happy in each other’s presence.

3. You never feel judged or misunderstood.

You never feel like you are being judged or misunderstood by your partner. You know you can open up about whatever you want and you wouldn’t have to be afraid of being criticized for it.

4. You know you have constant help and support.

With your partner, you gain some extra courage and bravery to take more risks in life. You know that with your partner, you have constant help and support. You know that you have someone who is always going to push you towards where you want to go.

5. You essentially share the same core values and principles.

You find it so easy to just mesh with each other because you share the same fundamental views and core principles. Not to say that you see eye to eye on everything. But on the most important things in life, you really just mesh well together.

6. You know you can always trust and rely on them.

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When it comes to someone having your back, you know that your partner is always going to be there. You know that with your partner, you can always rely on them to never betray you. You can always trust them to deliver on what they say.

7. You feel comfortable with being yourself.

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You never feel like you have to be someone other than the person you already are. You feel comfortable with just being in your own skin because your partner doesn’t pressure you to be any other way.

8. You are genuinely proud of your partner.

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You are genuinely proud of everything that your partner is and is going to be. You have no jealousy whatsoever. You don’t feel like you need to compete with them. You are always so happy whenever they find success in life.

9. The relationship just feels right.

There is just a certain comfort and ease between the two of you that you can genuinely feel. It’s so easy for the two of you to be together. It’s so easy for you to love one another and get closer to each other.

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