9 Stages Of Love That Most Couples Experience In Relationships

Are you aware that there are various phases and stages in the process of falling in love?

Well, regardless of whether you know it or not, the various phases of falling in love exist. And it’s always best if you keep yourself aware of these stages so that you are in a better position to manage your relationship. Regardless of how you first fell in love at the start of your relationship or what kind of love the two of you have, it’s likely that a lot of the stages that are listed in this article are also going to apply to you.

And the better the understanding that you have of these phases, then the more likely it is for the two of you to gradually transition from one phase to another. And by extension, you end up promoting the longevity and smooth flow of your relationship.

It would be moot to try to define what love is. It’s something that is inherently different for so many people – and all couples are going to have different definitions of love as well. But one thing is definitely for certain – the strongest relationships never have a love that is stagnant and never-changing. The strongest kind of love is always dynamic. It’s constantly growing into itself. It’s becoming stronger and fuller.

That’s why two people who are just starting to fall in love might not necessarily have that same kind of love for each other 50 years down the line. And this is something that a lot of old married couples can definitely attest to.

But back to the topic at hand – the stages of love. What exactly are the stages of love and under which stage does your relationship fall under at the moment? Read on to find out more.

1. Infatuation Stage

This might be the stage of the relationship that a lot of people would actually consider to be their favorite. This is usually the entry stage of love in every relationship. This is when people make the initial decision to actually take a chance on one another. And this phase is usually filled with a whole lot of excitement.

2. Disturbance Stage

This is the stage that couples get into once they are past the initial infatuation. This is when they grow out of their honeymoon stage and they slowly become aware of minor annoyances and disturbances. It isn’t always going to be fine and peachy anymore. And this is where people start to settle into the reality of their situation.

3. Changing Stage

This is an adjustment period. This is when couples really start to figure out who they are and what they need to do in order for the relationship to work. Thus, they set about making changes to their personal lives in order to truly accommodate another person in their hearts. It’s not always easy but the strongest couples get through it.

4. Understanding Stage

Once all of the necessary adjustments are made, then this is where couples will really try to understand what kind of personality their relationships are going to take on. But more importantly, this is when couples will really have to double down on their efforts to understand each other more.

5. Discovery Stage

Immediately what comes after understanding is the stage of discovery. When you understand who your partner really is, you will let go of all the unreasonable expectations that you might have for your partner and relationship. And this is where you will get to look at your partner through a clear lens with no filters.

6. Connection Stage

This is the stage of the relationship wherein couples will go really deep into the trust and commitment that they will have for one another. This is the phase in which couples will truly develop the intimacy that they have in the relationship. This is where the process of building love actually takes place.

7. Doubt Stage

We are all prone to bouts with self-doubt every once in a while. And it’s unlikely that your relationship is going to be immune to such a thing. You might have been together for a long time now. But you’re still going to find yourself just doubting whether the two of you have what it takes to last or not.

8. Trust Stage

If you are able to get through the stage of doubt, then you will emerge into the stage of trust. This is the phase in your relationship wherein you will really learn to trust and rely on one another. You will grow to trust and love one another wholeheartedly without any reservations whatsoever.

9. Soul Stage

This is the stage of love that most couples should always aspire to reach. This is when two people go through the profound realization that their souls really are connected and that they are meant to spend the rest of their waking lives together.

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