9 Subtle Red Flags That You’re In A Relationship With An Immature Person

Have you been with an immature person?

When things are still fresh in a relationship, it can be all too easy to turn a blind eye on the signs that you’re in a relationship with someone who is just far too immature to be in a serious romantic relationship. Love can often be a traitorous emotion. It can lead you to have clouded judgment and blunted senses. You may end up being oblivious to the negative affects that your partner’s immaturity is having on your relationship just because you love them too much to notice. However, you can’t be content in your love for someone. You still have to maintain an honest perspective on things in your relationship. You have to be truthful to yourself and to your partner about the things that work and the things that don’t in your relationship.

You have to remember that it takes two mature individuals to make a real relationship work. No relationship is ever going to survive when it’s only one mature individual who is trying to make things work. So how can you know for sure if you’re actually in a relationship with a mature individual? How do you know if the two of you actually have a shot at making things work? How do you know if you’re just wasting your time with an immature person who isn’t ready for a relationship just yet?

Well, immaturity can be hard to spot especially when it’s early in a relationship. The signs are very subtle. But if you stay vigilant enough, you will be able to spot out the signs. And of course, you have to know what these signs are in the first place.

1. They act overly critical of everything.

They will be overly critical of everything you say or do in your relationship. They will overthink everything and they will criticize you every chance they get. They will dramatize even the littlest things. And they are so fond of blowing the insignificant events out of proportion.

2. They don’t understand the importance of having to manage their finances.

Immature people are going to be very poor financial managers. They are likely to spend money that they need on items that are just plain unnecessary. They are prone to buying luxurious toys and objects that don’t really carry much value.

3. They make promises but they rarely follow through on them.

An immature person will be a great talker, but they are most likely going to fall short when it comes to concrete actions. They talk a big game but they are unlikely to ever back it up. They are so good at making promises, but you shouldn’t ever expect them to follow through.

4. They don’t have routine bedtime hours.

They go to bed whenever they want. And while that may seem like a simple thing, it’s an indication of a very disorganized lifestyle. Mature people understand the importance of having daily schedules that they can fall back on to establish order and organization in their lives.

5. They resort to hurtful language and character assassinations during disagreements.

They don’t know how to settle disagreements in a relationship like an adult would. Instead of keeping things civil and issue-based, they would resort to cheap character assassinations and vulgar languages.

6. They act competitively towards you in your relationship.

They will tend to keep score in your relationship. They will treat your relationship like some sort of game or competition that they have to win. Whenever you happen to find success in your life, they will somehow feel like they have to find a way to top you. When they do something good for you, they will make sure that you know it. When you do something bad to them, they will make sure that you won’t forget about it.

7. They don’t set any goals or direction for themselves in their lives.

They don’t really have any concrete plans with how they plan to live their lives. They are merely content with just rolling with the punches and going with the flow. While it’s good to live in the moment, it’s also irresponsible to not be thinking about the future.

8. They are unwilling to talk about deep and complex issues surrounding the relationship.

They will always shy away from having deep and serious discussions. They know that they don’t have the maturity and intellectual capacity to actually keep up with complex discussions and so they would rather avoid them altogether.

9. They don’t make you feel like you are important to them.

An immature person is someone who doesn’t understand the importance of actually making sure that you know how important you are to them. They will be complacent. They will be lazy. They will just assume that you will be okay with their lack of effort. They won’t want to put in the work because they are only concerned with what they can do for themselves.

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