9 Subtle Signs He’s Lying About His Relationship Status

Finding out you’re the second choice can be really sad and embarrassing. Many guys don’t tell the truth about their relationships, so you must figure it out. If the guy you’re dating is doing any of these things, he’s likely not really single.

1. He Emphasizes His Disinterest in Relationships

This is not a good sign, even if he says he’s single. If a guy talks about just wanting a casual fling, he might not be completely honest about being single. Why wouldn’t he want a serious relationship with you?

2. He only invites you to his house, or to a hotel room

If a man is avoiding being seen with you in public, it’s probably because he’s concerned about being noticed by his girlfriend’s or wife’s friends while he’s with you. If he’s openly acknowledging your relationship, it’s less likely that you’re just a secret partner.

3. He won’t introduce you to his friends

If he avoids introducing you to his friends or keeps his distance, it’s a sign he’s concerned about his other relationships. The more distant he is, the less likely you’re his main focus.

4. He encourages you to date other guys

If he suggests you date other men, it’s a strong hint that he might be in another relationship and doesn’t want to commit to you. He’s trying to manage your expectations.

5. He won’t add you on his socials or keeps deleting your comments

If he’s not sharing your relationship on social media but claims to be “In A Relationship,” it suggests there might be another person involved. Otherwise, why would he be so hesitant to show who he’s dating? This behavior raises suspicions about his intentions and honesty.

6. His texting game is really strange

If he suddenly becomes distant after being attentive and goes silent for a few days, it might be because he’s trying to avoid suspicion from another girl. This kind of behavior is usually not seen in genuinely good and honest guys. Moreover, if he hasn’t saved your real name in his phone, it could be another red flag to watch out for.

7. You can’t sleep over or get him to spend the night

This might mean there’s another person involved, like a woman he’s living with. If things feel unclear or uncomfortable, it’s good to talk openly and trust your feelings. Open communication is key for a healthy relationship.

8. All the dates you have are super casual, and last minute

If he struggles to arrange a proper date like an adult, it could be a sign he’s being secretive and arranging things on the side. Some guys who are not sincere may expect you to be available whenever they want. Setting boundaries and valuing your time can help avoid this situation.

9. He uses a lot of euphemisms

He refers to you as “a good friend” instead of “his girlfriend,” and suggests “hanging out” instead of being open about his intentions. If he consistently uses vague terms like these, he might not be honest about his feelings or motives. Also, if he claims to be “separated” rather than in a relationship, it’s important to remember that “separated” doesn’t mean he’s truly single.

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