9 Subtle Signs That He Will Make You Unhappy In A Relationship

Have you been in an unhappy relationship for a long time?

Not many people are going to believe this, but it’s very much possible to tell right away if a guy is going to end up being a terrible boyfriend. With just a few clues, you will be able to figure out if a man is going o make you happy or unhappy in the relationship that you have together. While it is true that there are master manipulators and snakes who know how to hide their true devious essences fairly well, most of the time, men aren’t very good at hiding their rue intentions. It’s all really just a matter of being able to take things as you see them. And you also have to know where to look if you really want to spot these red flags. So keep yourself guarded. Prepare yourself for getting into romances with terrible guys by equipping yourself with this valuable information. You don’t want to be the girl whose own ignorance kept you from protecting yourself in the relationship. Here are 11 signs that a guy is going to make you unhappy in your relationship.

1. He is already a big disappointment.

No man is perfect. So it’s okay for him to turn out not to be perfect especially when you’re only getting to know one another. But there’s a big difference with making the occasional mistake and serving as a completely consistent disappointment. If he consistently disappoints you early on, it’s doubtful that things are going to change.

2. He never says sorry to you.

A man who refuses to apologize when he is wrong is a man who is too proud for his own good. And being with a person who is too proud to say sorry will only bring severe grief and disappointment to you.

3. He never makes you feel safe and secure.

You always need a man who makes you feel safe and secure about who you are in your own life and in your relationship. So if early in the relationship, he makes you feel anxious and nervous in a bad way, then that’s probably how things are going to be throughout the stretch of your romance. You deserve to be with someone who doesn’t feed into your insecurities.

4. He refuses to open up to you in a normal capacity.

You can never really fully grow to trust someone who won’t open up to you. You can’t possibly be happy with someone who refuses to let you all the way in. So if he is excessively closed off early in the relationship, you have to decide if you are patient enough to actually wait around for him.

5. His relationship history is a shady one.

In this instance, he may be open about his exes and his relationship history; but you don’t like what you find. It turns out that he has a tendency of having toxic relationships with crazy girls. And as a result, you start to question his own decision-making and his judgement. You wouldn’t want to have to constantly be second-guessing your man while you’re together, would you?

6. He constantly surrounds himself with other beautiful women.

Okay. For one, you can consider the possibility that he’s just naturally friendly and socially inclined. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be completely comfortable with it. Having your man constantly surrounded by other attractive ladies when you’re together will make you feel uneasy and unhappy the deeper you get into your relationship.

7. He never lets you take control of the early relationship.

If he is constantly calling the shots, it goes to prove that he doesn’t trust you. He always wants to be in control of the relationship and this could be a threat to your happiness especially if you value your freedom. You are a strong and independent person who can make independent decisions. And if he doesn’t let you do that, then you will never be happy with him.

8. He doesn’t have any real direction in life.

A man who doesn’t know what he wants out of life is a man who doesn’t know what he wants out of relationships either. He has to be a man with a vision. He has to be a man with a plan. If he doesn’t really have any structure or direction in his life, then he is never going to find happiness. And if you’re with someone who can’t find happiness in his own life, then you will struggle to be happy with that person as well.

9. You rarely ever see eye to eye on anything important.

Compatibility is always an important determinant in the happiness levels of a relationship. If you just can’t see eye to eye on very fundamental issues in your relationship, happiness will definitely be hard to come by so as long as you stay together. You will rarely ever find happiness in one another.

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  1. Im in one now, should had seen it when we were going together, but I had a blind eye to his shenanigans. Now being Married 34 yrs and 2 kids later he’s been cheating since 2018 and he has consistently lied to me about it. No intimacy since 2018 ,I have proof of his cheating, and when I confront him he LIES and makes up some kind of story. He’s also selfish and self centered let alone stingy. I want him gone, but he refuses to leave the house I DID all the leg work to get, all he did was sign the papers on Closing day. I’m done being a rug (getting walked on) and NO Thank you etc from him. Plus I’m more lonely when he’s here than when he’s gone. I’m NOT …ME

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