9 Things A Man Only Does When He’s Really In Love

It’s always nice whenever you are in a relationship with someone who is in love with you. However, you have been caught in so many compromising positions in the past that have led you to believe that a guy is in love with you even when he isn’t. And at those times, you’ve experienced substantial disappointment and heartbreak.

You’ve gotten your hopes up, and your own high expectations and assumptions let you down. And you promised yourself that you would never put yourself in that position again. You said you wouldn’t allow yourself to get invested in anyone unless you knew it was real love. However, that can be easier said than done.

Men aren’t always going to be so communicative in relationships. And that’s why you really need to take it upon yourself to read the signs in your relationship to know if he really loves you or not.

The first thing you need to know is that men are more physical communicators than verbal ones. And you have to be looking at your guy’s general conduct whenever he’s around you to figure out if his feelings for you are real or not.

And if you don’t know what you need to be looking for, then this article is the right one for you. Here are a few things that you need to be on the lookout for with your man in your relationship. If you find that he does a lot of these things, then chances are that he really is in love with you; and it’s safe for you to invest your feelings in him as well.

1. He really pays attention to what you say to him.

He really listens to you whenever you talk. He understands that communication is important in your relationship. And he also knows that part of being a good communicator is being a good listener. And he always wants to make you feel like you are safe to express yourself however you see fit. He will always listen to you.

2. He puts in extra effort for the sake of the relationship.

He knows that it always takes a lot of hard work to make sure that a relationship lasts, and that’s why he never shies away from putting in the effort for you. It really shows in the way that he conducts himself in your relationship.

3. He takes note of all the little things.

He has great attention to detail. And he is always proving to you that he doesn’t take you or the relationship for granted. He gives importance even to the simplest aspects of your relationship.

4. He puts your happiness above his own.

He really prioritizes your happiness. He always wants to make sure that you are happy in life. He always wants to make sure that you aren’t feeling sad or down. And that’s why he does whatever it takes to put a smile on your face; even if it means compromising his own happiness.

5. He shows genuine concern for your family.

He isn’t merely concerned about you. But he loves you enough to show concern for the people closest to your heart. He really cares about the people you most care for as well.

6. He puts his trust in you.

He always makes you feel like he can trust you. And he does that by genuinely opening himself up to you. He allows himself to get vulnerable and intimate with you. He never wants you to feel like he can’t feel safe with you.

7. He does whatever he can to make your life easier.

He always puts extra effort into trying to make your life as easy as possible. He always puts in the extra effort to make your life as comfortable as possible. And that sometimes means doing the chores and running the errands that you don’t want to have to deal with yourself.

8. He always stays truthful to you.

You know that he loves you when he always stays truthful towards you. He always makes it a point to be honest with you, even if it means that being honest is eventually going to get him into trouble. He wants you to feel safe around him by always being genuine and sincere around you.

9. He treats you in a respectful manner.

It really matters to him the kind of image that he is giving off to you. He always wants to leave a really good impression on you. And that’s why he’s always going to be respectful towards you. It doesn’t matter if you’re treating him terribly. He’s always going to treat you with genuine care and respect because he knows that that is the kind of treatment you deserve.

  1. Unfortunately my Husband DOESN’T do any of these and after 33 yrs he DOESN’T GET IT, so I’m separate from him, I do my own thing and he does wtf he wants with whoever he wants!! But these are point on, just wish my lying, cheating, self absorbed, selfish self centered, unsympathetic etc Husband was this way 💔😔🥺💔😔🥺

    1. My husband never did these things. I think he’d been cheating on me even before we were married. Anyway he told me after 34 yrs of marriage he found the love of his life. I congratulated him and told him I wanted a divorced. The next thing I know he cut off all ties with the love of his life and told me he would never let me go. For the rest of his life he tried to make things up to me but I told him he lost me a long time ago. He could have left any time but it was his choice to stay. He never cheated on me again and I just never cared anymore. His last words to me was that he loved me. Unfortunately I still didn’t believe him

  2. Yea. My bf don’t do any of this either. He couldn’t care less if I cry myself to seep every night.

  3. Am the happiest woman on earth my man does all these without me begging🥰💃 may this relationship last forever in Jesus’s name🙏🙏

  4. I’ve met this wonderful person and he does put my needs before his and he is an amazing and wonderful man ❤️

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