9 Things A Mature Woman Doesn’t Really Give A Sh*t About

She is a grown woman and she is so done with playing everyone else’s games. She is so done with just following arbitrary rules that are set by so many pointless people who don’t really mean all that much to her. She owns her own life and she is tired of having to live it based on other peoples’ expectations. She has now decided to live her life the way that she wants to. She has realized that life is way too short to spend it just trying to please other people.

She is tired of biting her lip and keeping quiet just so she won’t offend other people. She is tired about having to give a sh*t about so much stuff that shouldn’t really matter to her much. She has grown and she has matured. And with her maturity, she has learned to just let go and not care about a bunch of useless stuff.

These are the strong women of the world who are so independent. They don’t really feel compelled to live up to anyone’s standards other than their own. They have incredibly high standards for themselves because they have so much confidence in everything they can accomplish in this world. They won’t have time to entertain any bull*shit – like these things listed here:

1. The clothes that she wears.

Yes, she’s still going to wear clothes. And yes, she’s still going to care about the clothes that she puts on her back – but not in the way that you think. She’s still going to want to look good but it’s only for herself. She isn’t going to wear clothes based on what she thinks other people would like anymore.

2. The opinions of the people who don’t matter.

At this point, she couldn’t care less about what other people really think of her. She is her own person. She is her own human being. There is going to be a lot of chatter surrounding her life because of her strong personality. But she won’t really pay much attention anymore. She is only going to listen to the people who she really cares about – those who also care about her.

3. How other people see her sex life.

She is a human being. She is going to have sexual needs. And she isn’t really going to be apologetic about it. She isn’t going to care about the fact that people will be talking about her sex life. She is going to be very confident in her own sexuality. And she won’t be afraid of putting herself out there.

4. The respect of people who aren’t worthy of her own respect.

She is so done trying to earn the respect of people who just aren’t worthy of her respect. She is just so done trying to impress people who aren’t really worth it. She’s going to choose to just give love and respect to the people who are actually worthy of that effort.

5. The “ideal” body based on society’s standards.

She isn’t buying into these arbitrary body standards that are being spread by mainstream media and pop culture. She isn’t subscribing to the thoughts and opinions of other people on what her body should really look like. She’s going to be very comfortable in her own skin. She’s going to be proud of her body and she isn’t going to be shy about loving herself.

6. The idea of “fitting in” today’s world.

These days, a lot of people just try too hard to fit in. There are so many of us who live our lives in an effort to get other people to like us and accept us. But she’s done with that. She’s tired of being just like everybody else. She’s going to blaze her own trail. She’s going to be her own person regardless if others accept her or not.

7. The price of the things that she owns.

She won’t really concern herself much with how expensive her clothes are going to be. She won’t care about how fancy her car is. She won’t care about how big her house is. So as long as she’s happy, then everything else is practically irrelevant. She doesn’t tie her worth to material items anymore.

8. The relationship status of her past flames.

She isn’t going to allow herself to get hung up over another guy anymore. She’s just really confident with her own life. She’s happy with the life that she’s formed for herself. She isn’t looking to the past anymore because she’s so excited about what the future has in store for her.

9. The idea that she is indifferent and apathetic.

And she won’t really care about the fact that she doesn’t care anymore at this point. She can allow people to judge her all they want – she’s done catering to their judgments.

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