If He Does These 9 Things During Sex, Then He Really Does Love You

When you are having sex with someone, it can either be good or bad. It all really depends on that person’s skills in the bedroom. But when you’re lucky enough to be having sex with someone you love, then you know just how amazing and breathtaking that experience can be. It can be very intense and very passionate. The emotions are just far too strong; and they can unleash a sexual side of you that you may have never even known existed  in he first place. It’s an extremely intimate and passionate experience; and you would always be able to tell when it’s real or fake. It can take a few months or a few years for two people to really fall in love with one another.

But when you’re having sex with someone you are genuinely in love with, you have to make sure that it’s real – and that you’re not just being made a fool of. You want to make sure that you aren’t the only one who is “making love” in this scenario.  You don’t want to be taken advantage of by anyone; especially when it comes o sex. So, how can you really tell if the guy you’re making love to doesn’t really love you after all? Men can be really hard to read if you don’t know how to read the subtle aspects of their personalities. You need to know what to look for if you really want to figure them out.

They aren’t really very communicative and so it can be hard to tell what they’re feeling or thinking a lot of the time. However, you can tell a lot about how they feel based on some very subtle gestures and moves. If your man is guilty of doing a lot of the things that are listed on here, then you can bet that he’s definitely in love with you. So try to stay vigilant the next time that the two of you are having sex.

1. He looks at you directly in the eyes when you’re making love.

He really makes eye contact with you. That’s how you know he isn’t just treating you like some kind of sexual object. He doesn’t see you as some kind of plaything. By looking into your eyes, he’s acknowledging the human in you. He’s acknowledging your inner soul

2. He kisses you all over every part of your body.

It’s not just a matter of kissing you on the lips until you get wet. It’s not just a matter of a few pecks on the lips and then he’s done with it. He really takes his time with you. He bites you a little bit. And he travels from one body part to another. He makes his way all over town.

3. He talks and communicates with you throughout the entire process.

He doesn’t just do his own thing without communicating with you. He wants to make sure that you are both operating in sync. And that all starts with communicating. He knows that you both have to learn form each other; and you both need to talk things out

4. He creates a romantic atmosphere leading up to the climax.

Whenever you’re about to have a sexy night, he doesn’t just rush into it. He understands that the entire spectacle is a whole process and he doesn’t want to skip any important parts. He really takes his time with you in establishing a romantic foundation for the fun that you’re about to have as a couple.

5. He lets his emotions dictate how he acts when he’s with you.

You know that he’s really in love with you if he isn’t just acting like a mechanical robot with you; he’s really letting his emotions rule over him as you’re making love. He’s letting his feelings dictate the flow of the entire experience.

6. He makes sex a real priority with you.

No excuses. Even if he’s tired from work. Even if he’s swamped with deadlines and projects. He knows that sex is important in keeping the passion of the relationship alive. And that’s why he really makes time for it with you.

7. He does whatever he can to ensure your comfort and pleasure.

He isn’t just concerned about his own personal feelings and enjoyment. He isn’t selfish at all. If you’re not comfortable with having sex with him, he won’t force you into it. He would ever make you feel like you don’t get a say when it comes to your body.

8. He doesn’t make you feel bad about your imperfections and insecurities.

You might have a few visual and physical imperfections that you might be worried about; but he will never use these against you.

9. He makes sure that you really do have as good a time as he does.

You give him a good time, and so he gives you a good time as well. It’s just as important to him that you enjoy the experience too.

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