9 Things He Does Which Mean He’s Going To Break Up With You

If you had a chance to know if your boyfriend was about to break up with you, would you want to take it? The answer is always supposed to be yes. If you have an opportunity to foresee a breakup in your relationship, you’re always going to want to take it. No questions there. Love is a risk and it isn’t always going to pay off no matter how good things might be at the start. You can have the best intentions and grandest expectations when you’re just starting to date one another. You might think that there is no limit to the potential of your relationship. And there might not even be anything wrong with that.

However, that doesn’t ensure that you’re automatically going to have a relationship that is built to last. There are so many relationships that start off great only to come crumbling down when it’s all said and done. No relationship is ever going to be immune to the threat of a breakup. And it can be really difficult having to deal with a breakup. You meet someone, and you become interested in them. You start to get to know one another and you slowly invest yourselves in your relationship with each other. You work your way towards finding stability and comfort in each other’s presence.

You work hard for your relationship and you try your best to make sure that your love doesn’t go to waste. You give it everything that you have – and you become more and more attached to a certain way of living. But then, life can throw you a curve ball and you might not be equipped to handle it. And when that happens, your relationship is going to start to fall apart at the seams. All it takes is for one person in the relationship to feel things differently; and everything can change in an instant. That’s why it’s always important for you to be able to stay on top of everything that is going on in your relationship.

You always want to make sure that you are doing your part in being mindful of the temperature of your relationship. You need to know where both you and your partner stand in relation to your love. You need to make sure that you are both constantly operating on the same page. If you continue to blind yourself to the signs, then you risk being blindsided by a breakup. And that’s always bad. That’s devastating. Your partner might just say that they’re leaving you; and you are left helpless to the entire situation. It’s like being dealt with a knockout punch that you never see coming.

However, if you are able to anticipate a breakup, then there are a few things that you can do to prepare for it. You can brace yourself for the pain that is about to come; or you can fight even harder to actually deal with the problems in your relationship so that you can try to save it. Either way, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what’s going on in your relationship. And it’s even all as simple as keeping an eye on the behavior of your man.

If you see that a lot of the items listed on here actually apply to your guy and your relationship, then chances are that he’s about to break up with you; and what you do after that is really up to you.

1. He stops going to events with you and your friends.

He is slowly distancing himself from your social circle. He is slowly separating himself from your friends and family because he knows he’s going to end things with you anyway.

2. He no longer goes the extra mile to make you happy.

He has stopped putting in the effort in your relationship. He is no longer so invested in your happiness. He stops trying to do things for you.

3. He doesn’t chime in whenever you start talking about the future.

He doesn’t talk about a future with you because he really doesn’t see you having a future to talk about in the first place.

4. He no longer expresses a desire to have sex with you.

His sexual drive is gone. You know something is REALLY wrong whenever that happens.

5. He is mostly grumpy whenever he’s around you.

It’s as if he’s always in a bad mood whenever you’re together. It’s like he just can’t seem to find happiness whenever you are around one another at this point.

6. He doesn’t text first or make an effort to prolong the conversation.

He doesn’t try to really talk to you anymore. He has emotionally checked out of your relationship and it shows in the way that he communicates with you.

7. He seems disconnected and unengaged.

It’s just like he’s not there anymore. He’s still in it in a physical sense; but emotionally, he is long gone – and you really feel it.

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