9 Things He Does Without Noticing That Mean He’s In Love With You

Your brain makes automated decisions when you’re in love.

There’s this common stigma that is attached to men about how they aren’t the more communicative gender especially in relationship settings. That’s because a lot of what media tells us is that the sharing of feelings and the act of actually having them is a sign of weakness. And a lot of men will buy into this macho bravado kind of thinking. They will want to preserve their masculinity as much as possible and they will not want to share their feelings out of fear of being seen as weak people. However, just because you do like to share your feelings doesn’t make you weak at all. In fact, the converse is true When you are secure enough in yourself to open up about your feelings, it shows a great deal of strength.

But again, not a lot of men will think that and so they will just refuse to be as communicative as they’re supposed to be. So it’s totally natural for women to be there more communicative person in a relationship. It’s usually the woman who are the ones who have no problem explaining how they feel to their partners in a relationship. And so men typically tend to have a good idea of where their women stand with regard to their relationships. Women are more likely to be transparent about what they want and how they feel about their men. And unfortunately for women, the burden is on them to try and figure out how their men are feeling about their relationships.

And since men and women practically speak different languages, it becomes infinitely more difficult for women to try to understand their men. Fortunately, men may not be so communicative with their mouths, but they are with their actions and mannerisms. All you need to do is read your man’s body language and overall demeanor in a relationship to figure out how he feels about you and your romance. So try your best to be as perceptive and as vigilant as possible. Watch out for the signs that your man is really in love with you just so you can get the piece of mind that you desperately want from him.

Here are 12 things he does without noticing that mean he’s totally in love with you:

1. He is all smiles whenever he’s around you.

You make him happy, therefore he smiles all the time whenever you’re together. Of course, not to say that he wouldn’t smile if he were only with people he wasn’t in love with. But if he’s constantly smiling around you, then it’s likely that his feelings for you are legit.

2. He makes you feel good about who you are without trying to change you.

He understands that you are an imperfect human being but he does his best to try and minimize your insecurities. He will always make you feel like you can be completely comfortable in your own skin because h would never judge you.

3. He allows himself to be silly around you.

He feels a kind of comfort around you that just allows him to be vulnerable and silly when you’re there. He doesn’t just do that with anyone. But with you, he loves you to the point where he lets his true colors come out.

4. He consistently makes an effort to talk to you.

Whether it be through phone calls, text messages, or real life conversations, he is always going to put in the effort into trying to talk to you. Communication is a big deal for him because he wants to build a strong emotional connection with you.

5. He follows up on his promises for you.

He never wants to betray your trust. He always makes it a point to keep his promises for you if he makes them because he would never want to disappoint you.

6. He tries to be his best self whenever he’s around you.

Not to say that he doesn’t try to be his best whenever he’s just around other people. But he always puts in the extra effort to be on his best behavior whenever you’re around. The stakes are higher for him whenever you’re there.

7. He will not hesitate to bring you out and show you off to everyone.

He would never be shy about taking you out for dinner dates. He loves you so much that he would never be ashamed of showing you off to the world.

8. He willingly puts himself outside of his comfort zone just to make you happy.

He would do things that he wouldn’t normally do just to make you happy. He goes the extra mile for you and he doesn’t really mind.

9. He talks about the future with you.

If he talks about the future with you, then you know that he’s being serious about being with you. He wouldn’t want to be talking about the future with you if he weren’t interested in you. If he were truly in love with you, then imagining a future with you wouldn’t be something difficult for him.

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