9 Things That Happen To You When You Stop Giving A Damn About What Others Think

It’s always great whenever you don’t allow yourself to get tied down by other people – especially the people who don’t really matter in life. You are going to get to a point in life wherein you realize that nothing really matters more than how you see yourself and how you feel about your own life.

It becomes a lot easier to just go through life when you don’t always have to be concerning yourself with the expectations and standards of other people. Just stop caring too much. Yes, it’s important for you to have empathy and compassion. It’s good to care about people in that sense. However, it also gets to a point wherein you should just stop handicapping yourself by always living your own life based on how other people want you to live it.

The moment you decide to actually take ownership of your own life and just stop caring about how other people see you, then you’re going to see some amazing changes in your life. A lot of little surprises will unfold and you will only end up regretting why you didn’t adopt this kind of mindset sooner.

1. You no longer seek the validation from people on your social media pages.

Whenever you post something online, you no longer feel any sense of anxiety. You no longer have to worry about getting enough likes or comments on your photos. You don’t care about people who might judge you for your poses. You just do what you want and you don’t let other peoples’ perceptions of you affect your entire social media experience.

2. You no longer allow other peoples’ expectations to bother you.

You get to a point wherein you no longer allow other peoples’ expectations to get to you. Whatever expectations your parents had for you growing up isn’t really going to be an issue for you anymore. You no longer try to act a certain way that makes you uncomfortable just so you can cater to your friends’ expectations.

3. The opinions of other people don’t really influence how you see yourself.

You don’t really allow the opinions of other people to influence your sense of self-perception anymore. You have your sense of confidence and you don’t let other people bring you down with whatever they say. They might have their negative comments about how you live your life but you still maintain your confidence.

4. You don’t let your sense of self-worth be dictated by anyone else.

You know your worth. You know just how much you can offer this world. You know your place in this life and you won’t let anyone else define that for you. You don’t tie your sense of self-worth to the thoughts and ideas of other people. You don’t let your sense of self-worth become dependent on any other human beings.

5. You understand the importance of being selfish every once in a while.

When you just stop caring about what everyone else thinks, then you understand that you should be okay with being selfish every once in a while. Yes, you want to have a heart for others and you would never want to get in anyone else’s way. But you mostly have to look out for yourself as well. You have to go out and pursue the things that you want in life.

6. You only live your life based on your own standards.

You don’t let anyone else’s standards get to you anymore. You are just living the life the way that you want it. You are doing a better job at focusing on your own tasks and your own goals because you aren’t getting distracted by anyone else’s opinions. You can go out and grab the life that you want without having to subject yourself to the judgment of others.

7. You find happiness in the simplest pleasures in life.

When you just tie your sense of happiness to how other people perceive you, then it’s going to be very hard. You can’t please everyone after all. But when you learn to just find happiness in yourself, it becomes so much easier to be happy. You are able to find contentment and happiness in even the simplest things that life has to offer you.

8. You make it a point to find time to slow down every once in a while.

You know that you can’t always be rushing in life. You know that you can’t always be going full speed ahead just because you think that is what other people expect of you. You take the time to slow down every once in a while. You understand the value of being able to find rest and relaxation in this life.

9. You have a healthier outlook on the future.

You just become a lot more mature when it comes to looking forward to the future. You understand that your future is dependent on how you shape your life today – and so you make that a priority.

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