9 Things That Will Make You Miss The Single Life

Name one thing you love about the single life.

Being in a relationship is great. You shouldn’t regret the fact that you’re in a healthy and happy relationship with someone you’re madly in love with. There are plenty of people all over the world who would do whatever it takes to be in your position. There are so many people who have tried their hands at love only to fail. And it hurts when you fail in love. You experience lots of pain, disappointment, and heartache. But then again, you still try your best to find love because the prospect of experiencing real love is always going to be worth the risk of getting hurt. That’s just how amazing being in a strong and healthy relationship is. The power of a loving relationship can give the person the courage to actually face their fears of failure, discouragement, and heartache.  

So yes, there’s no denying that being in a loving relationship is so great. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t sometimes miss the feeling of being single. It’s okay think about your life as a single person every once in a while and it’s okay to be nostalgic especially when the stresses of a relationship are getting to you (because let’s face it, relationships can also be stressful at times). After all, there are many facets to the single life that can be very appealing. Here are a few of those things:

1. You have the freedom to pursue all of your goals and dreams selfishly.

You don’t have to worry about your goals and dreams not meshing well with another person’s because you aren’t accountable to anyone other than yourself. You are free to map out your own life on your own accord and you don’t have to be guilty about being selfish about it.

2. You can go on a trip whenever, wherever, and however you want.

Vacations are all up to you. You get to decide on every single detail that surrounds whatever vacation you want to take. You can choose the destination, the length of travel, the mode of travel, and you can choose when you want to do it too. And you won’t have to be forced to look at paintings you’re not interested in or visit that church or temple you’ve never heard of.

3. You have more time to spend with your friends.

Let’s face it. When you get into a relationship with someone, you are essentially going to be spending most of your time with that person. You will be giving up substantial time that you spend with your friends. But if you’re single, you are free to catch up with your friends whenever you want. And you don’t have to worry about someone getting jealous over how you spend your time.

4. You get to experience the thrill of flirting.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the chase. There’s always a certain excitement there when you’re still trying to pursue someone. Sure, it’s a really great feeling once you’re in a relationship with someone. But the feeling of having to win over someone’s affections is another thing entirely.

5. You aren’t forced to spend time with people you aren’t particularly fond of.

A lot of times, when you’re in a relationship with someone, you are going to have to spend some time with that one friend of your partner’s that you don’t like; or you may have to have dinner with your partner’s parents who aren’t particularly fond of you. When you’re single, you are free from these kinds of stressful situations because you get to choose who you hang out with.

6. You get full control of Netflix.

You don’t have to relinquish control of Netflix nights. There are just some days wherein you want to lounge around the house and watch Netflix the whole time. And when you do have these days, you don’t have to force yourself to watch that documentary that you don’t want to watch. You have full control of what your TV is going to show.

7. You get an opportunity to channel your love to other things and people.

There’s only so much love that you can give and it’s always important to channel your love into things that enrich your life. That doesn’t always have to come in the form of a romantic relationship. You can choose to channel your love to your siblings, hobbies, career, and other such things that are close to your heart.

8. You don’t have to share your bed with anyone.

It’s nice having a person to snuggle with at night. But that also means you have to risk enduring the loud snores and the occasional whack in the face. If you’re single, you get to sleep alone in the silence and comfort of your own bed.

9. You get to really figure out what you want out of life on your own.

You don’t have anyone else influencing you when you’re reflecting on life. You get to decide everything that you want for yourself and how you’re going to go about it. You have full control.

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