9 Things That You Can Expect When You Get In A Relationship With The Right Guy

It might feel completely impossible for ladies to find a quality guy at this point. It’s like today’s modern culture just encourages men to be noncommittal, dishonest, and emotionally distant. You’ve gone out on dates with terrible men who just continue to disappoint you left and right.

You find yourself in unfulfilling relationships that leave you feeling empty and frustrated. And so as a result, you don’t really feel like you know what a great guy looks like or what being in a happy relationship would be like. Well, to give you your answer, you just need to keep an eye out for these signs:

1. There will be no playing of games with one another in your relationship.

You aren’t going to be playing games with one another. Your boyfriend isn’t going to be withholding when it comes to feelings and emotions. He won’t want to make you feel jealous on purpose. He won’t deliberately make you wait a long time before he responds to your text messages. He is always going to be real about how he feels about you and he isn’t one to be immature with his methods.

2. You are going to feel a sense of safety and security when you’re together.

It’s weird how all of the relationships of your past always brought out your deepest insecurities. But that will never happen in a relationship with a great guy. He would never do anything to trigger your insecurities. He would always do his best to uplift you and give you constant reassurance about the strength of your love. He would never make you feel like you’re expendable in his eyes.

3. You feel like you always have someone you can count on to be there for you when things get difficult.

He is always going to deliver for you. Regardless of how challenging things might get in your relationship, he is always going to remain constant. You can always count on him to still be there when you wake up in the morning. You won’t have to worry about him abandoning you just because you’re going through rough patches. He is always going to be there for you even when it’s inconvenient.

4. You are never going to feel isolated or abandoned.

Sometimes, not even being in a relationship is going to save you from feeling alone or abandoned. But when you’re in a relationship with a quality guy, you’re never going to feel any of these things anymore. You are going to understand what it means to have constant companionship. You are going to finally go to learn to appreciate the escape from the world of loneliness and isolation.

5. There will be a consistent balance and harmony in your relationship.

You are always going to notice that all of your emotional investments in your relationship are going to pay off. All of the efforts that you put forth into actually making things work for the both of you will be reciprocated.

You will never be made to feel like you have to do the heavy lifting for both of you. Your partner is going to try his best to actually keep you in his life. He will love you the same way that you love him and you are going to feel it.

6. You always feel like your confidence is getting a boost.

You will just feel better about yourself because of this relationship. This relationship is going to make you feel like you are a person you can be proud of being.

7. You feel okay when you have fights with one another.

It doesn’t faze you much whenever you and your boyfriend have disagreements. Before, you would look to avoid arguments and conflicts as much as you can. You thought that even the slightest fight would be enough to make your relationship crumble to the ground. But now, you know that you are free to disagree with your boyfriend without having to worry that he’s going to want to break up with you.

8. You consider your partner to be your best friend.

At the base of it all, you are best friends. You have a solid friendship that you built your romantic relationship around. You have great chemistry and synergy. You are always communicating well with one another. You always have a good time when you’re together.

9. The future won’t seem so intimidating anymore.

In the past, the uncertainty of the future always used to bring a sense of anxiety and nervousness to you. Your insecurities would always be put on full display. But now that you’re in a relationship with a great guy, you aren’t so afraid of facing an uncertain future anymore. You embrace the idea of having a blank canvas on which you and your partner can build a life together.

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