9 Things That You Do In Your Relationship Which Prevent Your Partner From Getting Close To You

Avoid these things.

There are some instances where even when you’re in a healthy relationship with someone and everything seems to be going well, not everything is going to be fine under the hood. Unknowingly, you could be doing some things in your relationship that are just outright preventing your partner from getting close to you. These may be bad habits that you have normalized into your everyday life. These may be things that you don’t really pay much mind to but are gradually affecting the intimacy between you and your partner every day.

You have to make sure that you are aware of such things. You would never want to prevent your partner from wanting to get close to you. Remember that if you really want your relationship to flourish over time, you need to be able to build on whatever emotional connection you might have with one another. And if you actually become more aware of the kind of behaviors that actually inhibit closeness in a relationship, then the better job you’re going to do at avoiding these behaviors. You would never want to be self-sabotaging your relationships. You would never want to be the reason that your partner doesn’t want to get close to you.

It all really starts with just developing a sense of self-awareness. You always have to be examining your relationship with a trained eye. You can’t be nonchalant about it. You can’t be casual about it. You have to take the dynamics and nuances of your relationship seriously if you want to have a shot at being together forever. If you are truly invested in the outcome of your relationship, then make sure that you read this article in its entirety. Listed here are 9 harmful things that you might be doing in your relationship which prevent your partner from getting close to you.

1. You shut up instead of engaging with them.

In times of conflict, don’t be afraid to engage with your partner. Conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s an opportunity for you to bridge the gap with one another. It’s an opportunity for you both to see things from each other’s perspective. If you refuse to engage by running away from an argument, then you aren’t giving your partner a chance to connect with you.

2. You let distractions and other trivial things get in the way of your romance.

Stay focused on your relationship. Be emotionally available to your partner by letting them know that you’re all in. If your partner sees that you’re just being distracted, then they will take that to mean that you are exuding an unwelcome aura.

3. You don’t make an effort to make your partner feel included in the most intimate aspects of your life.

Expose your partner to different facets of your life. If you are always letting them in, then they will feel safe and secure to do the same for you.

4. You don’t pay attention to whenever your partner talks to you.

Make sure to pay attention. It’s not just about saying what’s on your mind. It’s about hearing them out and actually taking into consideration whatever it is they have to say as well.

5. You don’t take the initiative in opening up to them.

Sometimes, it’s all a matter of taking the initiative yourself to actually start opening up. Your partner might not want to get close to you because they might feel like they’re invading your sense of personal space. They would never want to intrude. But if you take the initiative to open up, you are letting them know that it’s okay for them to want to get closer to you.

6. You still get caught up in immature dating games.

Don’t make your partner jealous on purpose. Don’t withhold your love and affection from your partner. Don’t play hard to get. These are immature ways to try to test someone’s loyalty to you and it’s demeaning.

7. You bring a negative energy into your relationships.

Try as much as possible to spread positivity wherever you go especially into your relationships. If you are constantly being negative and moody, then you are also unknowingly closing yourself off from your partner. You are not making them feel safe and comfortable with being with you.

8. You don’t accept your partner’s apologies.

You have to remember that your partner is only human. They are bound to make a few mistakes every now and then, and that should be okay. If they apologize, accept it; no need for further action. If you don’t accept their apology, they will not want to be around you as much anymore out of fear.

9. You think that your partner should always adjust to you.

Let your partner know that you’re willing to meet halfway as well. If they feel like you would never give their wants or needs any importance, they’re not going to want to open up to you about it.

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