9 Things to Adopt For a Healthy Relationship with an Aquarius

When it comes to dating and relationships, astrology can help a lot. It can pinpoint to you exactly where the cracks in the lines appear which mark your relationship with someone else. Here, we will talk about Aquarians alone the often difficult to handle and leaves quickly squad. But there is always more than meets the eye. An Aquarian might be a hard nut to crack. Yet, here we have outlined some basic things you can adopt if you want to build a healthy relationship with an Aquarius.

1. Don’t Pressurize Your Aquarius Partner

It’s needless to say that being representative of the water-bearer, Aquarians crave space like fish needs water. They don’t like it when you become too dependent on them. They need their space. Sometimes that can be too much, sometimes too little. But it’s a necessity to them, none the same. However, Aquarian men don’t need as much space as Aquarian women do. When you’re Aquarius partner feels like you’re being clingy with them, give them some time on their own. They will appreciate that a lot.

2. Be Straightforward About Your Emotions

Don’t hide any emotions or thoughts from your Aquarian partner. Just be straight with them about everything, from day one. They are genuinely sympathetic people but only when you let them know what you’re going through and let them be there for you. Don’t mistake them to be selfish. They just tend to be somewhat closed and inattentive but if you simply tell them your issues, your Aquarius partner will move mountains just to be there for you.

3. Avoid Complaining and Drama

Your Aquarius partner will make sure they do all that’s in their power to help you out of difficult times. However, if you keep on complaining about life and relationships and everything in between, there will come a point when they will form a deaf ear to you and not care anymore. They don’t like people who keep on whining about their issues instead of being practical and solving them.

4. Acknowledge Their Uniqueness

Aquarians are often creative, sensitive and tender people with loads of quirks and unique habits. When you acknowledge those habits and accept your Aquarius partner for who they are, it will make them happy in a way you won’t even realize. Being unique in a world constantly trying to change you is hard so when others appreciate you for it, of course it feels good.

5. Be Flexible

Aquarians work very hard. Perhaps harder than others or so they may seem to think. They have a busy schedule. Try to be flexible with the busy routine of your Aquarius partner. When they see you blending in nicely to their schedule and mood, they will put in their best too in the relationship. They respect those who don’t look at their own schedule for making time for them.

6. Be a Realist, Not a Hopeless Romantic

Romance, though a dominant factor in relationships, isn’t much of a favorite thing for an Aquarian. They like to keep their feet on the ground, not their heads in the cloud. Reality sounds better to them than romance. Even if it’s Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, keep the romance to a minimum. Your Aquarius partner will appreciate that more than being fazed by extreme expressions of romance.

7. Be Yourself

Aquarians appreciate it when you’re being your own self with them. It does not matter the sort of flaws you might possess, Aquarians know better than to judge you or bully you for something like that, something that is innately present in you. A certain rawness and originality in you will attract your Aquarius partner more than anything else. In a world that is much too fake, Aquarians crave originality. So when they find it in their partner, they tend to make it and the relationship last.

8. Avoid Being Too Reserved

Some people like mysterious personalities, the ones that are like a closed book. Not Aquarians. Being open with your Aquarius partner will do more benefit to you than being reserved. They don’t like to figure others out much. Instead, they prefer others to be open to them and share things with them. If your Aquarius partner tells you stuff yet you still remain closed to them in a way then eventually, they will notice it and it will hit them like a punch. When they themselves are open to you, they would like you to be open to them too.

9. Don’t Complicate Things

Aquarians don’t like it when people tend to complicate simple things. Life is already complex enough. So when someone comes along and weave larger webs in the bigger web of life, Aquarians don’t like that. Take things as they come and keep it simple with your Aquarius partner.

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Are you or an Aquarius or are you with someone who has this Zodiac? Does this article ring a bell or would you like to add something from your own experiences? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Very extremely well said. I agree to the fullest. Coming from an aquarius woman, I couldnt have said it better myself. Also….routine is a very important thing for some people but to me…I almost run from it. Maybe its just me…
    Thanks for this tho im definitely going to share it!!

  2. You hit the spot.
    Here is an Aquarian guy with a very basic demand to friends or lover.

    Love me for who I trully and wholly I really am with all the complications and flaws, and you will get the unflinching loyalty rivaled only by a hunting dog.


  3. Hey, I’m an aquarius as well, but to be true I’m a hopeless romantic, I have been in love and had lost that love, but again and again I can go to get the love again from anywhere it doesn’t matter… And yeah you are right we are open books and we do really feel that when we share we expect you to share as well, plus many people find sharing their secret or talks easier than other people…

  4. Well coming from an Aquarian woman this is definitely all true and I hate being like this because it makes it extremely difficult to find love or to keep love anyways

  5. Me me and all me!! I giggled as I read this because the words just kept clicking with my personality! I find myself causing and uproar at times, just too create change. I get lost when days seem to stay the same! Something in me needs to feel something “different” at times. Then I find myself wanting to go back to normal! So yes, Aquarian’s can be quite hard to figure out! Lol

  6. I’m a Scorpio ..female in a “sorta” relationship with an Aquarius..male.. At the sametime were best of friends also. Ive taken things Soo slow with him.. at his place, on his terms.. so I don’t mess this up.. but u mentioned be open with him him… I have to an extent however I get just a pinch of anything out of him.. but when I do .. it’s all worth it.. ? .
    I believe tho Aquarians invented the whole “ghosting” .. lol. My patience are so thin I can see threw them.. lmbo. But I still love him

    1. As an Aquarius woman, I could definitely say.When we get in our heads too much.We go silent and we go m I a but we always do return. You must have patience.

  7. I think this article about sums it up. I’am an Aquarius woman dating an Aquarius man for about 8 months now. This has been the easiest and most laid back and relaxed relationship either of us has ever been in. No one could ever understand my needing time to myself to recharge. The drama and negativity was more than I could bare sometimes and I am also an empath and needed that time so badly. When people say when you love someone it shouldn’t be hard now I know that’s the truth. We don’t have to force anything it just flows and we understand each other. We have little issues here and there but we talk them out and respect each other’s thoughts and opinions. I’ve never been so happy, I truly feel joy every day. We work so well because we understand each other and love and respect each other. If I could change something It would be that I would have met him before I turned 50. But then we wouldn’t have the knowledge and maturity we have now I guess.

  8. coming from a Aquarian woman it has been hard to find love. I feel like I’m so not like everyone else. and I hate trying to have people understand me. I am In a relationship with a Virgo that has been my friend for a very very long time. I think that’s part of why it’s working. we already knew eachorher. aquarians I guess should always start out as friends first.

  9. I Am An AQUARIUS Woman. I Agree Whole Heartedly With This Article. Spot On, BRAVO!

  10. I’m a Gemini. And I’m with and Aquarius. He’s everything to me and treats me like a queen. He adores me, he kisses me everyday and tells me he loves me. I was open and up front with him from the moment we first me, and he stole my heart. He’s everything this article said he would be and more, I’m so in love with him.

  11. Aquarian male here…. if my wife had followed those rules, our relationship would have been a lot better off.

    Very accurate about Aquarians by the way…

  12. My Aquarian man said the relationship we have is wonderful, but he didn’t plan for it and he is scared (We JUST got engaged). When I asked him if he needed space and time to think, he agreed and said, “Yes. I may need some time to think.” He is a HUGE thinker (so am I) We both are logicians. I am a Taurus. I said “Okay. Take all the time you need.”

    How much time? I was going to give him a week before I texted him again to check in. But I’m scared a week won’t be enough. I’m scared I won’t know how to reach out. I’m scared he’ll need more time than a week and I may jump the gun and send the wrong message. I’m thinking I should wait for him to come to me (which is the ideal plan). I’m scared a week may be too soon and come off as pushy. I’m scared he’s having second thoughts about the engagement.

    Any advice?

    1. I’m. Taurus women with an Aquarius man. We are not engaged but we are serious . What was the final outcome? I would like to know how you two turned out?

    2. Aquarius guy when in deep love know exactly what they want and do what it takes. I’m sorry but I think he’s gonna let you down or waist your time until he’s gone …

  13. Hello! I’m a Leo with an Aquarius man and he’s so easy to love. The relationship I have with him is, by far, the best relationship I’ve ever had. I follow pretty much all of these to a tee because I looked up his zodiac sign and our compatibility early on. Thank you for keeping it super simple.

  14. I definitely love my freedom, and will run away from demanding, even from my family members. I tell them that is not me being selfish, is just me being myself. I’m often the one with the sarcastic humor, misunderstood.

  15. I am female aquarius ♒️ and have recently crossed unexpectedly and fell instantly in love the love and sexual as well was reciprocated back from my male Virgo ♍️ things are intense deep emotional connection instantly just gravitate towards one another and not like the usual feeling never felt this and I’ve been truly but I’ve been patiently awaiting to cross paths with my destiny of life partner lover bff husband man of the house father ride or die no matter and hes been craving the same things for his life snd when we speak we are both automatically just speak the truth no mouth filtering do it’s hard to even try to lie have shared intimate life personal details with one with ease both listen feel more the more we learn if each other’s struggles live stories etc that brought to the person are today. I know i just know he was destined and made by higher life creator that he was made for me and I for he express the exact feeling and just knowing without a question. Very intense indi unique impossible for them yo tell you what you want yo hear you can just feel the raw humble opening uo exposed truth and it’s just been amazing just 2 months together and when you know you know how both think. It’s crazy the best I’d crazy both are almost identical in personality it’s shocking we silly goofy and love laughing being halo regardless the downside that might being I live with thinking why remain down it’s better to laugh it off than choose to stay down depressed miserable. It’s indescribable and I’m the happiest I ever have been truly facts Ty

  16. I’m with an Aquarius but this relationship seems thee most difficult in all my life. Aquarius’s seem to not make they’re partner (me) a priority. She’s thee most difficult person to understand. She tends to hold on to the past to much.

    1. Its definitely a relationship u have to work for im a Pisces woman with an Aquarius man an we been together going on 6yrs its been a roller coaster the whole relationship!!

  17. Thank you so much for this article. I am a Taurus and married to an Aquarius. I am super clingy. However, I know that if I want affection I do the opposite and leave to another room for a few hours. I let my Aquarius come find me and end up with the affection I need.

  18. That’s so truly amazing as I am also an Aquarius woman with an Aquarius man. I have never been happier in my entire life til now❤️

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