9 Things you can do for a happier life

Everyone I meet lately is stressed out by something or the other. We have unnecessarily complicated our lives. The constant need to get ahead of everybody has kind of driven us to the point of insanity. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being driven and working towards the things that you want. I personally find it inspirational. But many of us kind of lose sight of everything else that is equally important in this obsession of ours. Things like happiness, peace of mind, the people in your life and your passions among other things are essential too. Make time for all these things too and you’d notice the significant difference in your quality of life.

Here are a few things that you could do to lead a happier, slightly stress-free life;

  1. Ignore the negative criticism

You’re not perfect, so naturally you have room for improvement. Sometimes we fail to see the error of our ways or our shortcomings, and it helps to have someone else point them out to us. Be open to criticism, but only constructive criticism. Do not allow negativity to disrupt your mental piece. You will be surprised by the number of people who would criticize you just for the sake of it, with no intention whatsoever of helping you in anyway. You need to recognize these people and simply ignore their input. If it’s not helping you, you need not fret over it.

  1. Don’t let anything get to you

You face many different situations over the course of your lifetime. Some serve to boost your confidence while others tend to set you back. Keep this in mind all along that both of them are vital for your growth as a person. However, you should never let any of these situations get to your head. If something good happens, don’t get carried away, keep striving for more. If something bad happens; learn from it, move on and make sure that you never have to encounter the same thing again. Some of these events might not even be under your control, so just take everything as it comes and NEVER stress over something you can’t control. Certain things have a way of settling on their own, let them take their course.

  1. Treat yourself to a lazy day

This is something that goes without saying. Who wouldn’t love a lazy day! It’s actually a pretty good idea to have a lazy day a week. It kind of rejuvenates you for the whole week. The stresses of the daily routine; be it related to work or household, kind of melt away. You can start your week with a positive attitude and be comparatively more productive. The state of your mind makes you become less irritable and calmer to deal with.

  1. Make time for the people in your life

If I talk about myself, I’d rather be by myself. But that does not in any way mean that I have no room for other people in my life. There are some things that are just incomplete without the people that you love. Think about it. If there’s something you’ve achieved, you don’t celebrate it on your own, instead you celebrate it with your loved ones. Similarly, they help you get through the tough times in tour life. Don’t keep yourself so occupied that you can’t find time for your friends and family. They contribute immensely to your personal growth and the kind of person you are.

  1. Self-indulge at times

In trying to balance every bit of your life, don’t ever forget to pamper yourself. Doing things for yourself does not make you selfish. Go for things that you love and generally don’t find time for, be it music, painting, games etc. Although, over-indulgence should be avoided.

  1. Experiment

Try something you’ve never done before. It challenges you in a positive manner and proves to be very refreshing. This could also prove helpful in so many aspects of your life, including you career. When you’re open to new ideas / things, you enable yourself to think differently. You expose yourself to new possibilities which can often lead to favorable outcomes.

  1. Exercise

What better way to reduce stress and generate an overall feeling of well-being than exercising. Not only does it keep you healthy and in shape, but also induces endorphin release in the body, which is known to relive stress. So find time in your schedule to exercise and energise yourself.

  1. Help people

When you’re striving for something, you can sympathize with others regarding their struggle. Its one thing to acknowledge their struggle but to actually aid them in reaching their goals is a completely different thing. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to be part of someone’s success.

Never refuse help to a person when you can facilitate them, without expecting anything in return. Also try to help the less privileged.

  1. Travel

Travel as often as you can. Let off the steam and explore places. Be it anywhere, just go. Vacations stand to be such a beneficial experience, you should never miss out on a chance to go on one. The new places, people, festivities are all so stimulating; you actually manage to forget all that’s been worrying you.

Be determined. Go the extra mile for what you want to achieve. Overlook the minor hiccups and stay focused. But don’t fail to take breaks every now and then to refresh yourself. Don’t take anything too seriously, and live one day at a time. Keep people around you happy and while you’re at it, keep yourself happy and stress-free as well!

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