9 Things You Need To Know If You’re Falling In Love With A Strong Woman

1. She isn’t afraid of being her own person outside of the relationship. You might be used to being the kind of guy who always needs to be taking care of a girl. But you won’t have to do that with her. In fact, it’s probably important to her that you allow her to be her own woman. It’s not that she won’t allow you to take care of her. It’s just that she wants you to understand that she is never reliant on you for her to make it in this world. She knows that she has the tools that she needs to find success in life.

2 She is allergic to drama. A common stereotype that a lot of men associate with women is that they are all drama queens. But you have to know that not all women go looking to stir things up just to make life more dramatic. In fact, strong women tend to hate drama. And if you’re going to be bringing a lot of drama into her life, she wouldn’t hesitate to just drop you like a hot potato.

3. She is going to stay incredibly loyal and committed to you and your relationship so as long as you do the same for her. It’s not going to be easy having to earn her trust and loyalty. She is going to demand so much from you before she can grow to trust you. You’re going to have to prove yourself to her. But once you do, you can bet that you have a solid ally who is always going to have your back. You can be assured that you have a partner who is NEVER going to abandon you or leave you hanging. You are always going to have someone who will help pick you up whenever you stumble. You are always going to have a partner who will commit every fiber of her being to making sure that your relationship works out.

4. She is going to be able to read through whatever bull crap or lies you feed her. She might play it cool and seem like she doesn’t see the games that you’re playing with her, but she does. She ALWAYS knows whether a man is being insincere with her or not. So be very careful about trying to pull one over on her. Make sure that you never be dishonest with her because she isn’t going to want to associate herself with liars. And she will always know when you lie to her.

5. She is never going to be afraid of telling you what’s on her mind. A lot of people are going to get turned off by how direct and blunt she can be. But you can always count on her, to be honest. You can always bet that she’s telling you the truth. She isn’t going to be one who minces her words. You will not have to ever worry about having to read between the lines with her. She is going to be very open to you about what she thinks and how she feels.

6. She doesn’t really consider herself to be in the business of seeking the approval of other people. However, you shouldn’t take that to mean that she’s just going to virtually alienate everyone that she meets either. She’s always going to want to be kind and respectful towards other people she might meet. However, she’s going to have her boundaries. She will never compromise who she really is on the inside just to get other people to like her. She knows that it’s more important for her to stay true to herself than to be popular.

7. She is a woman who is attracted to ambition, motivation, and work ethic. She isn’t going to want to be with you if you don’t have any real direction in life. She will not want to have ANYTHING to do with people who are too wayward and unpredictable. She is most attracted to men who are motivated to succeed; the men who dream big. You have to be able to show her that you are willing to work hard for the things that you want in life if you want her to respect you.

8. She isn’t going to be concerned with the amount of money that you make. She is only interested in the amount of hard work that you put into pursuing your passions. She is a woman who is strong enough to provide for herself. She won’t count on you for financial support. So money is always going to be out of the question when it comes to determining whether she likes you or not.

9. She’s worth all of the hard work you’re going to have to put in to make her fall in love with you. Her standards are high but she’s definitely worth it fighting for.

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