9 Things You Should Avoid Doing In A Relationship

Whenever you are in a relationship with someone, you never want to be taking it for granted. Love isn’t easy. Even though it can feel really easy to fall in love with someone, sustaining that love is a completely different story. Just because you are already in a relationship together doesn’t mean that you are safe.

Just because you love one another doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to share a happy and healthy life together. There are still some very strict relationship rules that you need to adhere to if you want to find success in love. Here are a few examples of things that you should never be willing to do in a relationship:

1. You should never stop putting the effort into your relationship. As has been previously mentioned, relationships are always going to require a lot of hard work.

They aren’t smooth and easy sails. They aren’t walk in the parks. Your relationship is always going to demand a lot of effort and your part. It’s not always going to be easy, that’s for sure. But the right kind of relationship is most definitely always going to be worth it.

2. Never hurt one another with your words just for the sake of hurting each other. It’s common for couples to get hurt in relationships. That’s something that you’re never going to be able to avoid. You might have to do something in your relationship that will hurt your partner.

There are some instances where the pain is unavoidable especially when pertaining to growth and development. This kind of pain is necessary. However, there is also useless pain – and that’s the kind of pain you need to avoid inflicting on your partner. You shouldn’t be so keen on hurting your partner just for the sake of making them feel bad.

3. Never lose your personal sense of self and individuality. Just because you are getting into a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you should be so willing to give up your sense of individuality.

You should still always be able to hold on to who you really are. You should always be willing to stay true to your genuine self. If you lose yourself to your relationship, then you risk losing your relationship entirely.

4. Never cheat on your partner. And this might be something that is obvious. However, it still needs to be said. When you are interested in having a long-lasting relationship with a person, then you have to make sure that you stay committed and loyal to this individual.

You always have to make sure that you never let yourself stay from the path of true love. You shouldn’t have any wandering eyes anymore once you are locked into a real relationship. You should only ever really have eyes for your partner and no one else after that.

5. You should never completely abandon the rest of your social life in favor of your relationship. As human beings, we are all social creatures and we all crave for social interaction to a certain extent.

However, you shouldn’t be so content with making your relationship your only source of social fulfillment. You still need to have people and friends outside of your relationship to meet your social needs. Otherwise, you would be placing too much pressure on your relationship to the point that it becomes unhealthy.

6. Never compare your partner to any other person. Never compare your relationship to any other couple. Never compare yourself to another individual. Just avoid comparisons all in all.

You should be judging your own relationship on its own merits. You don’t have to be resorting to comparisons to improve the state of your own relationship. We all go at different paces. And it’s important that you don’t force your relationship to be or act a certain way.

7. Never forget about your partner and relationship. In life, there will be plenty of things that will require our attention. There will be a number of things in life that we will need to devote our time and energy to.

And that’s okay. However, you should never be so willing to just let go of your relationship completely. You should ALWAYS be treating your relationship as a priority if you really want it to last.

8. You should never just be sweeping your worries and problems under a rug. All couples are going through some issues and rough patches. And that’s normal. However, you can’t just ignore them as if they aren’t there. You always have to be acknowledging them. You always have to be addressing the issues in your relationship head-on if you really want to solve them.

9. Never try to change your partner. That’s what it means to love someone wholeheartedly and unconditionally. You never try to turn them into some kind of ideal. You accept them for who they are and you love all parts of them.

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