9 Things You Should Know Before You Fall In Love With A Woman Who Overthinks

It can turn out to be a real struggle when you are in a relationship with a girl who has a very complex mind. She is an overthinker and her mind is constantly running on overdrive. There is not a single second of any day where her mind is just blank and idle. She is always going to be thinking in-depth about something.

She isn’t your typical kind of girl and that’s why you need to prepare yourself for an experience that will be unlike anything you have ever been through in the past. You have to be prepared to do things you have never done in your previous relationships.

This woman has a very kind and sensitive soul. She is extremely prone to get hurt. She might have a very powerful mind but she also has a very fragile heart. She has a very sharp wit that will scrutinize you to your very core and you’re going to have to prepare yourself for that. She isn’t going to be the easiest woman to be in a relationship with but she’s definitely going to make it worth your while.

As with any kind of relationship, you’re always going to have to work really hard to keep your love alive. However, with her, you’re going to have to pay special attention because she’s just a very special kind of woman. Here are a few things that you need to know before you fall in love with a woman who overthinks.

1. She is genuinely grateful for your effort.

Don’t think that any of your efforts are going to be lost on her. She is the kind of woman who is ALWAYS going to take notice of any effort you put into the relationship. She is never going to take you or your relationship for granted. She takes notice of the little things and she will always be grateful for everything that you do in the relationship.

2. She is ALWAYS overthinking to the point that it stresses her out.

Be very patient with her whenever she overthinks. She just can’t help but be that way. You should know that she gets stressed out by her own overthinking and you shouldn’t really be adding to that stress in any capacity. You have to make sure that you are staying sensitive of the way her mind works.

3. She will not settle for a mediocre relationship.

She isn’t going to be someone who has low standards. She has thought long and hard about love and relationships. She knows exactly what she wants out of love and she isn’t going to settle for anything less than she thinks she deserves. She will not be tolerant of any kind of mediocrity in her relationships.

4. She has difficulty with opening up about her feelings.

She has a very scattered brain. And she isn’t going to be so confident with opening up about things that she hasn’t yet made sense of. Just stay patient with her and give her time to think.

5. She is going to challenge you to be better.

She is going to push you. She will criticize you. She is going to pick you apart with her sharp mind. It might hurt you or bruise your ego. But just know that she’s doing it out of love and genuine concern for you. She always has your well-being at heart. She is constantly looking out or your best interests.

6. She places a lot of emphasis on the little things.

Don’t discount the little things in the relationship. She is ALWAYS going to take notice of the little things. And because of that, it won’t really take too much to please her. She is going to be able to find joy and fulfillment in even the little things in the relationship. She finds happiness in simplicity.

7. She is a really good listener.

She is a really good listener. She knows what it feels like to have thoughts in her mind that she can’t contain. So, whenever you want to get something off your chest, you can always expect her to be willing to lend you an ear. She willingly allows herself to be a receptacle for anything you want to express.

8. She can be a struggle to deal with at times.

You are going to be stressed out by her. There’s no doubt about it. She stresses herself out a lot with her overthinking and that stress is going to spill into your relationship as well. You are going to have to practice maximum patience and understanding with her. But you should know that she is appreciative of your patience because she knows she can be a struggle as well.

9. She might have control issues.

She is going to have trouble relinquishing control in the relationship. You have to know that her overthinking can lead her to imagine some pretty harsh hypotheticals that stress her out. She will want to be in control of her life as much as possible. Be patient with her and always be sensitive whenever you want to start steering the ship.

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