9 Things You Will Find In His Home That Tell You He’s A Bit Immature

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When you develop a romantic interest for a man, the ideal scenario would be for you to date, get comfortable with one another, and eventually fall in love with each other. The middle part is essential. You really need to get to know one another before you decide to fall in love because you definitely don’t want to be falling in love with someone who’s wrong for you.

Specifically speaking, for the purposes of writing this article. You need to make sure that you’re falling in love with a mature man. The reason for this is because emotionally and mentally immature men will virtually be incapable of carrying a proper relationship with anyone. When you get into a loving relationship with someone, you want to be with someone who treats you right and takes care of you. You don’t want to end up with a man who can’t even take care of himself.

So how do you know if the man that you’re getting to know is immature or not? Well, if you ever get the chance to visit his home or apartment, you will get a chance to find out. Here are a few things that you might find in his apartment that will tell you that your guy is a little immature.

1. A gaming platform or console of some kind.

A lot of men will resort to gaming as a way to escape the real world or their problems. While it’s good to find an outlet or a form of recreation to relieve the stresses of life, there are better options than gaming. More mature options would be activities that involve fitness, reading, or music perhaps.

2. Unnecessary excess of television sets.

There’s no need for there to be more television monitors than people in a living quarters. It really makes no sense to have 3 different television sets when you’re just living on your own. A man who has too many television sets will probably be too busy watching TV to cater to you.

3. A lack of proper food or groceries save for cereal, chips, ice cream, and canned food.

A man who doesn’t know how to do his own groceries is definitely not mature enough to be in a proper relationship. If he’s the type of guy who has to rely on takeout and packed food for nutrition, then you can’t rely on him to be able to take care of you in the future.

4. Bookshelves that have everything but books in them.

Books are amazing. They have the power to bring a whole new world of wisdom and perspective to readers. So when you find that he has a bookshelf at home, then that’s a good thing. But it becomes bad when you discover that his bookshelf is filled with anything but books.

5. Plastic kitchenware and dining tools.

A man should own at least a few sets of proper kitchenware. He can’t always be relying on paper plates, and plastic utensils for when he has to eat at home. A mature man knows the value in investing in proper dining sets for his sake and for the sake of his guests as well.

6. A sad mattress that serves as a bed.

A mature man who is supposedly mature enough to be in a relationship with someone should also have a proper bed at home. Yes, it might be kinky to do it on the floor, carpet, bathroom, or on the couch with him every once in a while. But it gets sad to know that you only do it on these places because he doesn’t really have a real bed that you could take advantage of.

7. A dirty towel that’s hanging from the rack in the bathroom.

A mature man should always know how to clean his own towel. Or at the very least, he should have the sense to bring his dirty laundry to a proper shop for cleaning. If he’s even too lazy to visit a nearby laundry shop, then he isn’t fit to be in a relationship with anyone at all.

8. A can of Axe body spray.

Axe body spray is primarily marketed to teenage boys and there’s a reason for that. They don’t know any better. There’s no need for a completely mature man to have to rely on a can of Axe body spray as a cologne or perfume. It’s not. It’s overpowering and it’s downright gross. He should be able to buy some proper cologne and fragrances.

9. A bong, pipe, or any sort of smoking apparatus.

While it might be fun to date a pothead, it may be a sign that your guy is a little immature if he has to resort to marijuana to escape the world. Again, it all boils down to forms of recreation and leisure that actually adds value to life.

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