9 Top lies that every woman tells her man

Have you ever wondered what exactly do women lie about? We sometimes think that exaggerating a certain event is not considered a lie. In reality even exaggeration is a lie. We women tend to lie about many things especially when we are talking to our partners. Now take this example, a man at the bar checks you out and you just want to make your man a little jealous therefore you exaggerate the situation while telling him the whole story of how the man checked you from head to toe, whereas in reality he may have just smiled at you.

Do you think this was not a lie? Actually it was a lie. Every now and then women tend to slip some false facts to their partner. They don’t usually have bad intentions behind it but this is just to spice things up a little and make them interesting. It is true that women lie for different reasons as compared to men but at the end of the day they do lie and that is quite unfortunate.

Here is a list of different lies that women tell their man. Some of these lies are not the harmful kind but at the end of the day a lie is a lie, whether it’s for fun or for some serious reason.

1. To make their guys feel better

Men like to think that their woman is slightly dependent on them or needs them. This is why some women tend to exaggerate a troublesome situation in order to get the help of their man. Mostly those situations can be handled easily by the woman herself but having a helping hand and can be fun and at the same time it can make the guy feel special so why not do it?

Imagine a woman has a flat tire, she can call a mechanic to get it fixed or she can even fix it herself but she chooses to call her boyfriend.В  The boyfriend comes rushing to her in order to save her from the situation so she kind of lies here but then again it was to make the guy feel special.

2. Hiding their lesser-attractive versions

Some women like to hide the fact that they were not very attractive in their younger years. Suppose you were not very attractive in your high school years or in your middle school days so you decided not to tell your boyfriend about that.

There is no harm in it but you are hiding something. There are many women out there whose boyfriends have never seen their childhood photographs. This is because their childhood versions were not as attractive as the adult versions.

3. The number of men they have dated

Women do not tell their partner about how many guys they have been with in the past. It is a fact that every woman thinks that if she tells the truth to her partner about her past relationships then there is a possibility that her partner would flip out. It is better to hide a bitter truth than to handle a man who is flipping out.

4. The actual amount of money they have spent

When a woman goes on a shopping spree, there is a fair possibility that she will not mention the exact amount of money to her partner that she has spent. The reason is that sometimes we end up spending so much in shopping that we end up asking ourselves that what we have done. In such a case we are scared to disappoint our partner which is why we sometimes lie to them.

5. Conversation with an ex

Many women lie about the details of the conversation that they have had with an ex. Imagine getting a call from your ex in front of your partner. So there are two questions that he will possibly ask you once he notices the different expressions on your face after you are done with the call.

The first question might be who was it? If you say that it was a wrong number then there is your first lie, but if you tell him the truth that it was your ex then the next question comes and that is, Why did you both talk about? Now he may not ask it in a harmful or scary way but there’s a fair possibility that you will skip a few parts of the conversation and tell him the good parts or parts which might not feel like a threat to him.

6. Catharsis against their man

Woman also lie about the fact that they sometimes backstab their partner. Now backstabbing is not necessarily in a bad way, but it is more like a catharsis type of way. Imagine you get into a fight with your man, you cry a lot and you go to meet your best friend. There you talk to your best friend for hours about your partner and have mean he has been to you. You will dissect each and every single word that came out of his mouth when he was angry but when you will come back home and everything will be fine and if he asks you what you told your best friend then you will not tell him exactly what happened.

7. Lies about many other guys who fell in love with them in past

Women really like it when their guy thinks their woman has been unapproachable (for other men) in the past. Many women like to exaggerate the number of guys who have fallen for them in the past. Even if it was just a crush, many women tell their guy that the man was head over heels in love with them. This makes the man think that the woman was highly desirable and he happens to be the lucky guy who finally got her

8. About their looks

There are many times when women are not honest about how their guy physically looks. Suppose your man just got back home from the salon and he had a long awaited haircut. He feels really happy about himself and he is really satisfied with the new look but you are not very happy with it. So when you see that he is happy you decided to lie and tell him that he looks good. Here what you have done is that you have lied in order to make him feel good so, many women lie because they do not want their man to feel insecure about his looks.

9. Lies about some reckless things done by us on a girls’ day out

Women do not like to share the things that they have done with their girlfriends on a girls’ day out. We always end up doing the most reckless things and we even tend to get slightly careless too when we are with company where we know we will not be judged. We may even hit on other guys jokingly and we may even do something dangerous. Many of us may even get scolded when we tell our man the truth. This is why women tend to lie when it comes to sharing details about their girls’ day out.

Take an example where you go out with your girlfriends and you hit on this very hot bartender jokingly. Now while hitting on him you both kind of touch one another. Would you want your man to know that? Deep down you know that it was harmless and it had no meaning to it but would your guy feel the same way? So in order to prevent that feeling of insecurity many women lie to their partners. they may also lie in order to avoid any judgmental remarks or embarrassment.

There are many other types of lies that women tell their Partners, if there is such type of lies in your mind that you think that you have seen women speak often then do feel free to share them with us. We will then share them with others in order to improve their information on this particular topic.

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