9 Traits That Are Most Commonly Found In People Who Cheat

Have you ever been with a cheater?

Infidelity is one of the worst things that could ever plague an otherwise healthy and loving relationship. When you fall in love and you choose to get into a relationship together, you are essentially making a commitment to one another. You are telling each other that you think you actually have a shot at forming something special between just the two of you. And things are going great. You grow to really become comfortable with this person. You fall more and more in love with them as time goes by. And then, in one unfortunate moment, things take a shift. Your partner cheats on you. You feel devastated and helpless. You don’t know what to do with yourself, with your partner, or with your relationship. You feel somewhat paralyzed. You are confused and heartbroken. You are disappointed and lost. You need some direction but you don’t have the strength or motivation to do anything or be anywhere. No words could accurately describe the pain of being cheated on by someone you love; someone who supposedly loves you in return.

So that’s why you have to be able to do your part and avoid being a victim of this heartbreaking situation. Sure, there’s not much you can do to make sure that your partner never cheats on you unless you stick by their side every single second for the rest of your lives together. But that would never work. A lot of what makes up healthy relationships is trust. And if you can’t trust your partner to behave even when you’re not around, then it’s all moot. You have to be able to trust your partner if you really want the relationship to work out. But trust isn’t always so easily given.

That’s why, in an attempt to ease your mind, you just have to try your best to date people who are unlikely to cheat. And how do you know if you’re stuck with a partner who is likely to cheat? Well, you never really know for sure unless they actually do end up cheating on you. But there are some certain traits and red flags that are consistently found in the personalities of those who are willing to cheat:

1. They don’t really act respectful towards you.

Respect is always going to be important in any relationship. If your partner fails to give you the respect that you deserve, then they’re essentially saying that they don’t see you as someone they care enough about to actually be nice.

2. They fail to see you beyond what you look like.

They’re really only in the relationship for what you look like. They see you as a visual and physical object of pleasure. Whenever you try to establish a deeper emotional connection with them, you fail. They aren’t interested in going beyond the surface level when it comes to you.

3. They are naturally flirtatious with anyone.

Flirtatious people will always have an inclination to cheat. For one, there’s no point in flirting with other people when you’re already in a committed relationship with someone unless of course you’re trying to do some shady stuff there. Flirtation is never innocent no matter what anyone says.

4. They are very insecure about who they are.

Sometimes, insecurity can drive people to making poor decisions even in relationships. If you see that your man is feeling insecure about his place in a relationship, he might resort to cheating in an effort to try to make him feel better about himself.

5. They have a tendency to feel entitled.

They feel like they are entitled to doing and having whatever they want. They think they can get away with anything without having to face the repercussion or consequences.

6. They act irrationally jealous over nothing.

They know just how shady they act as cheaters and so since they consistently betray your trust, they can’t trust you either. They will act overly jealous and territorial with you even when you’re doing nothing wrong or suspicious. They are just acting paranoid because they don’t want you to do to them what they always do to you.

7. They are prone to the manipulation of those around them.

They don’t really care about the effects that their words or actions might have on other people. They do things selfishly and they sometimes manipulate people into doing what they want regardless of how it impacts that particular person.

8. They are frequent liars.

If they constantly lie, then it’s likely that they constantly cheat as well. It’s no secret that a bunch of the world’s cheaters are also liars. No one who cheats would ever willingly come clean about it on their own accord.

9. They are known narcissists.

People who are self-obsessed have a tendency to not really care about the feelings of the people around them. They are only ever really looking out for their own personal interests. They only do things that would benefit them somehow.

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