9 Truths About Love That A Lot Of People Refuse To Believe

The thing about truth is that it doesn’t really care much about whether people believe in it or not. The truth is going to stay the truth regardless of how many people believe in it. And you better believe that there are many truths about love and romance that a lot of people in this contemporary age still have difficulty accepting.

And you never want to be going into a relationship with a naïve and ignorant mindset. That would be the best way for you to get blindsided by all the real problems and issues that might come attached to relationships. Remember that it takes two mature individuals for a relationship to work.

And part of what makes a person mature is their ability to accept harsh truths and work around these to actually make the most out of a situation. So, let’s get straight to the point, shall we? Here are 12 truths that a lot of people still have trouble accepting about love and relationships.

1. The things that you find attractive about your partner now are eventually going to drive you nuts in the long run. Sure, you might be attracted to particular quirks or eccentricities that they might have. But over time, when you become more comfortable with one another, you are also going to grow a mild dislike for these quirks. And that’s perfectly normal.

2. There really probably is no such thing as a “soulmate” or “the one” in love and relationships. It would be incredibly naïve to think that you are only ever really meant to be with just one person in your life.

Remember that a bulk of what makes love work isn’t really about destiny or fate. It’s about the level of commitment and effort that you’re willing to put into a relationship with someone. Luck plays a significant part in relationships but it’s not the whole story.

3. You are less likely to break up with your partner if you have a pet, children, or a shared bank account. Whenever you have something important that you “Share” as a couple, it can be more enticing for the two of you to try to make things work. You will not want to abandon your relationship because of these tangible things that you have both invested yourselves in.

4. A lot of people aren’t going to be so open to interracial dating even when they think they are. The truth is that most people tend to be more attracted to those they share similar looks and races with. You might think that we are now in a “woke” age but people still generally like to stick with their own kind.

5. Passion isn’t something that stays the same or that grows consistently throughout the stretch of your relationship, Passion is more like a rollercoaster more than it is a steady uphill climb. There will be stretches in your relationship wherein you will be incredibly passionate about being together. And there will be times wherein it will be hard for you to find the motivation to stay in a relationship at all. That’s perfectly normal. Passion is something that really does fluctuate.

6. Compatibility plays a bigger role in relationships than one might think. It might even be more important than love. It doesn’t matter how in love you might be with one another, if you’re just incompatible, it’s likely that things aren’t going to work out. If you share fundamentally different values and principles in life, it can be very hard to reconcile these differences to actually make your relationship work.

7. Most people go into relationships with really unrealistic expectations. That’s why communication and patience are so important in a relationship. You must always be communicating your expectations to one another so that you stay on the same page. And you must always be willing to adjust and compromise.

8. Even the strongest couples are going to go through some very serious challenges and hurdles in their relationships. A lot of you might assume that the strongest relationships are those that have it easiest.

You might picture these couples like the ones that never fight or engage in arguments. But that’s not always the case. Studies have shown that a couple is more likely to be stronger if they show a certain resilience to overcome the challenges and problems in their relationships.

9. You are likely to fail in your relationship if you aren’t smart or educated. That’s the truth. It’s not a lie when they say that you need to be mature enough to make a relationship work.

And maturity is something that is developed through awareness, introspection, and education. And so, the less educated you are, the more likely it is that you are immature and virtually incapable of sustaining an intimate relationship.

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