9 Warning Signs That Someone Has A Toxic Machiavellian Personality

Machiavellian principles are still very much alive in this day and age. There are so many modern-day people who are carrying the Machiavellian torch. And you have to be very wary of these kinds of people. In fact, you might even be Machiavellian yourself and you wouldn’t even know it. So how exactly do you know if you’re around someone who is Machiavellian?

Before you start conjuring images of people you may know in your mind. But stop pointing that finger for now. You might be Machiavellian too, remember? You have to know what it means to be Machiavellian before you actually start identifying these traits in other people (and possibly, yourself).

Machiavellianism is essentially the ideology of being manipulative, controlling, deceptive, cunning, and duplicitous. In simpler terms, it’s when people conduct themselves in a selfish manner to get other people to do what they want them to do. Machiavellians are so focused on pursuing their own personal self-interests, and they are the types of people who would do whatever it takes to further their agenda. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want even if it means walking over other people to do so. They won’t be afraid to step on other peoples’ toes just to get ahead.

That’s why you always have to be careful if you’re dealing with a Machiavellian. You never want to be turned into a puppet for another person’s ambitions and selfish desires. You always want to be making sure that you aren’t being made a fool out of. In particular, there are three very specific types of people you really want to be on the lookout for narcissists, psychopaths, and Machiavellians. And this article is solely going to focus on protecting you against the abuses of a Machiavellian. These people are always going to possess certain malevolent traits and qualities that will make them dangerous. If you are around these types of people, know that you are surrounding yourself with evil.

That’s why you always need to be making yourself aware of the common traits that these Machiavellians possess. And those traits are going to be highlighted in this article for you.

1. They show signs of psychopathic tendencies.

They may be deranged psychopaths who only want to wreak havoc and destruction in the lives of the people around them. And if you see that that is genuinely the case, then you need to act. You have to make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in this person’s path of destruction.

2. They show signs of duplicity.

Machiavellians can be completely different people from one day to the next. It all totally depends on who they’re talking to and what they might be needing from them. So if you know someone who is duplicitous; someone whose personality is sporadic, don’t trust them.

3. They only focus on their own well-being.

A Machiavellian is only ever going to be concerned in their own well-being. They will not really care about the feelings or the well-being of other people. They will only ever really just focus on themselves.

4. They are very tactical.

A Machiavellian is incredibly tactical. They aren’t going to be able to find much success in their endeavours if they don’t know how to be methodical with their manipulative advances.

5. They are always trying to get ahead.

They are constantly working to get ahead of everyone else. They don’t really care much about making sure that everyone else finds success. They just want o find success for their individual selves without a care for any others.

6. They show extreme signs of narcissism.

A Machiavellian is most likely going to be a narcissist. They are always going to be looking out for their own personal interests. They are always going to be concerned about their own paths in life. They won’t really show any signs of generosity, thoughtfulness, or mindfulness for others.

7. They believe that the ends justify the means.

This is probably the most popular philosophical principle that Machiavellians have. This is the type of belief that leads them to act so ruthlessly in their lives. They believe that they are free to do whatever they want so as long as it yields favourable results. They don’t care much about the process. They are very utilitarian in the way that they carry themselves.

8. They are very toxic to be around.

They are just downright toxic. You get the sense that they bring so much negativity and toxicity into your life. You always feel so heavy and overwhelmed whenever you spend time with them.

9. They are very charming.

A lot of these Machiavellians are very charming. They are very good at presenting themselves as people you can trust and rely on. That’s why they are able to really charm you and gain your trust. They know the right words to say to get people to trust them.

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