9 Warning Signs You Should Pay Attention To

Don’t ignore these red flags!

There is no denying the cultural prominence and emotional significance of getting into a relationship with someone. It’s practically one of the pinnacles of human social interaction. When you get into a relationship with someone, you are essentially willingly sharing your life with another person and there is an inherent beauty in that. There’s nothing quite like the experience of being in love with a person who loves you back.

But what if early on in the relationship, things just aren’t as good as they’re supposed to? What if some things feel out of place and unnatural? What if you are just never able to establish that sense of comfort, security, and consistency that you need to be confident about your relationship?

These may seem like little insignificant questions in the grand scheme of things but they matter greatly. Remember that even in the strongest relationships, the littlest details are really important. These may seem petty and unimportant at first, but these can be red flags for even heavier character traits that may destroy your relationship in the long run.

If you are able to spot these red flags very early in the relationship, then you can make the necessary adjustments to avoid any unwanted heartaches and disappointments in the end. Here are a few red flags that you should never just brush off at the start of a new relationship.

1. He doesn’t let you meet his friends.

This could mean one of either two things: he has a bad group of friends and he doesn’t want to expose you to that part of his life; or he is ashamed of you and doesn’t want his friends to find out that he’s dating you. Either way, it’s a bad case. You never want to be dating a man who refuses to include you in his social circles.

2. He doesn’t take his eyes off his cellphone when he’s with you.

He doesn’t value you as much as he should and that’s why he just can’t take his eyes off of his phone’s screen. He doesn’t think it’s too important to be giving you his full attention. He doesn’t think it’s necessary for him to be valuing your time together. He is much more interested in what his Twitter feed has to say.

3. He brings up his exes constantly during conversations with you.

No man should be bringing his exes up consistently during your conversations especially when you don’t ask him about them. If he does this on a consistent basis, then maybe he is indicating that he still has lots of skeletons in his closet that need dealing with. Another possible explanation is that  perhaps his emotions are still unstable because of previous relationships.

4. He is unable to act on his own accord.

He just can’t move on his own without consulting you first. He can’t be independent. You know that he’s the type of man who would just be lost in life without having someone to write out directions for him. He just can’t seem to be able to sustain himself at all.  – Continue reading on the next page

5. He is always criticizing you.

Rather than compliment you, he is always looking to criticize you. Yes, there should be room for criticism in any relationship, but there should always be a point to these criticisms. They can’t be done just out of the blue and without a purpose. But you know there is no purpose to his criticisms other than to make you feel bad about yourself. You don’t deserve to be abused in your own relationship.

6. He doesn’t like to open up much about himself or his past.

He is very vague and sketchy when it comes to inquiries about his past life. He doesn’t like to open up about himself much either because he has some very dark demons to hide or he just doesn’t trust you with the truth. Either way, you should be very wary of this situation. You can never really fully trust someone who just refuses to open up to you.

7. He rarely asks you questions about yourself.

He is conceited and it shows. He doesn’t like to talk about you or your goals, dreams, interests, and passions because it always has to be about him. He doesn’t express an interest in you at all unless he can find a way to relate it back to himself. He is selfish and he wouldn’t hesitate to drop you in a heartbeat if it meant he could benefit from it.

8. He doesn’t listen or pay attention to you.

You should only be with a guy who actually listens to you. You should only want to be in a relationship with a guy who actually enjoys talking with you and who wants to hear what you have to say. If he is intolerant of your opinions or your ideas, then maybe you should reconsider being in a relationship with him.

9. He is irresponsible with his money.

If he isn’t mature enough to understand the importance of financial responsibility, then he isn’t mature enough to be in a relationship with you. You don’t want to be inheriting financial problems by getting into a relationship with this guy.

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