9 Ways A Sarcastic Girl Is Going To Love Differently

You’ve gotten to know her pretty well at this point and you’ve decided on your love for her. You know that she has a very kind and soft heart that is worthy of anyone’s love. However, she also has a sarcastic mind. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but it’s definitely going to be different. You know that she’s the kind of girl who would definitely do anything for you if she knew that it meant a lot to you. However, she is also going to be the type of girl who is going to be fond of irony and sarcasm.

She is a big fan of satire; and a lot of the times, you’re going to be the butt of her jokey behavior. She has a really big heart; but she can be sassy a lot. And sometimes, her sassiness can be misconstrued. Sometimes, her sarcasm can be very off-putting. But ultimately, you know that she means well and that she has a heart of gold. She isn’t always going to be the easiest girl to understand because of her complex personality. But you can’t just let her go because of that. You just might need a little help in understanding how differently she expresses her love.

1. She doesn’t necessarily have a filter. You know that she’s a smart girl because she says a lot of intelligent things. But she’s going to have a few misses as well. And you’re going to have to take the good with the bad because she’s never going to censor herself. However, you can always bet that she’s being genuine and honest all the time with whatever she says.

2. She doesn’t really want to be vulnerable at first. You’re going to have to be really patient with her for the early aspects of your relationship. She isn’t necessarily going to be so comfortable with opening herself up to being hurt. She doesn’t want to put herself in a position of weakness prematurely. But know that it’s only because she is just too afraid of getting hurt.

3. She might feel a little disinterested, distant, and cold at times. But you shouldn’t really worry much about that. That’s also just her way of maintaining an objective view of things. She isn’t going to want to let her feelings get the best of her. And that’s why she will have a cold demeanor a lot of the time.

4. She is going to come off as a very hardened individual. She might seem like she doesn’t really feel anything on the inside; but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Deep down inside, she is a very emotional person. She is very soft and she feels things very immensely. It’s just that she has a good grasp of her feelings; better than most other people.

5. She’s a really good listener. Yes, she can definitely dish it out; but she can also take it. Not only is she a rampant talker but she is also a very avid listener. She is a very effective communicator because she has a very holistic understanding of what communication really is. She knows that communication is not merely about speaking your mind; but it’s also about being able to listen and hear people out.

6. She isn’t going to give any halfhearted efforts in your relationship. You know that she’s the type of girl where once she’s in, she’s really in. She would never leave anything up to chance in your relationship. She is always going to give all that she has into your relationship once she’s sure that she really wants to make things work with you. She is never going to be lax about trying to sustain the love that you have for one another.

7. She’s going to have a great sense of humor. She is the kind of girl who can always find something to laugh about no matter how rough things may get. She may seem like such a serious woman a lot of the time; but she is always going to be able to extract joy out of any situation.

8. She is the kind of woman who isn’t going to take the little things for granted. She would always have great attention to detail. She is going to show great appreciation and gratitude for even the simplest aspects of the relationship. She isn’t high-maintenance in the sense that it has to always be grand gestures with her. She can find joy and fulfilment even in the little things.

9. She is a secret hopeless romantic. Sure, she might scoff at all of those grand gestures that leading men do in the movies. But she secretly wants that for herself even though she may never admit it to anyone.


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