4 Ways To Attract Your Crush Without Saying A Single Word

Is your heart skipping beats when you her somewhere in a crowd? Is your mind going crazy thinking of her regularly every day? Ever since you caught sight of your crush, you knew she was that one girl who you’ve been waiting for. You mustered the courage to approach her and talk to her. The two of you are now friends. But of course, it can’t stop there for you. You want her to fall for you so the two of you can start dating. So, are you in a position where you’re wondering what to do to make her fall for you? Do you want to impress her and seep her off her feet by not coming off as too desperate? Yes, that sounds like a lot to achieve with someone you don’t know but can’t help feeling crazy infatuation for. You’re not alone.

A lot of men wonders what the best way to impress a girl is, without trying too hard or looking like you’re thirsty or needy, of course.Well, rejoice because we’re about to drop some major truth-bombs about making girls fall for all you men. You may not realize this, but your body language is the biggest asset in the getting-to-know-each other-state. If there’s one step every man should follow when it comes to successfully attracting women, it’s the correct use of body language.

Make maximum use of your body language. It works like a charm, but you probably wouldn’t know this because you haven’t really tried it yet. That’s okay. A lot of men and women tend to underestimate the power of body language. Maybe that’s because the effects of how you use your body language are not too noticeable. They’re subtle. But they’re very, very important. When you like someone, you end up giving off them the “I like you” vibes. They can sense that energy coming from you and they’ve probably partially made them mind up about you.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by reading this, fear not. We’re going to break it down for you and tell you exactly what to do to make the best use of your body language. Here’s how you can really up your game in making your crush want you as much as you want her:

1. Face her

If you’re hanging out with her, or even if you have bumped into her somewhere and you guys end up sitting down for coffee and chit-chat make sure you’re facing her when you’re talking to her. First of all, if you keep throwing your neck around in all directions while she’s right in front you, you’re going to come off as super cheeky. It’s a turn-off. Secondly, facing her indicates you’re very interested. You’re listening. You’re paying attention. You’re looking at her and maybe even appreciating everything about her. Also when you’re done talking, generally keep turning your face towards her when there’s a chance because she will subconsciously be aware of your attraction, interest and your presence.

2. Hold a good posture

Okay, no ones asking you to march around like a soldier but do NOT leave your body completely lose, don’t walk awkwardly, don’t slouch or hunch you back and make sure not to be seen as way too relaxed. It’s going to make you look like you’d rather stay home and sleep than hang out with her. It’s an apparent turn on for women when a man seems robust, alert and confident. Don’t walk or stand weirdly. Don’t be clumsy either. Stand tall and look confident. That’s how you’re going to hit the jackpot, men.

3. Make eye contact

If you ever find yourself underestimating the power of eye contact the drop it, and drop it now. You’re wrong. Making eye contact will take you places. Trust us. Go ahead and look her in the eyes. Eye contact is such a fantastic, intimate and sexy way of communicating with someone. It makes the connection stronger. But don’t get carried away and keep staring in here yes like a creep, though. Know when to stop. Keep it looking as effortless as possible.

4. Smile

It’s satisfying to look and behave all macho but dear men, don’t go overboard. Women are obsessed with men who aren’t stingy with their smiles. You’re going to give off very friendly, approachable and straight up cute and sweet vibes if you know when to smile. Know when to behave playfully. Take the chance and laugh at her like you’re genuinely happy about her being there with you. Her heart will melt for you before you know it. But don’t force a smile. Smile when it’s coming to you naturally. If you give a fake smile, she’ll know it because women are very observant about the little details.

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