9 Ways to Decrease Stress in a Relationship

It is as probable for us to fall prey to stress as it is for a rabbit to any wild creature. We allow stress to take over instead of providing resistance in the many ways we can. Be it professional or emotional, things often catch hype and we let them dance around our heads, although this should not be the case when it comes to relationships.

They are obviously adopting the wrong ways to take the relationship along. Having to handle another person’s emotions (along with your own) can be tricky but there are ways one can make a relationship successful and alleviate it. There are ways by which two people can learn to grow instead of falling apart at times of hardship.

1. Believe in your partner:

Everything in a relationship starts with and ends on trust, not blind but one that encourages the partner. If there are misconceptions in a relationship, instead of being judgmental and making hasty decisions, you should first sit down and talk about it like a mature couple. Talking, discussing new ideas and letting them see your trust in their personality is the correct way to turn a hardship into an opportunity. Flowers bloom even after the heaviest of rains.

2. Understand their way of Expression:

If a relationship is at a stressful phase, the man and the woman ought to understand each other’s ways of handling the stress. To men, women seem too emotionally attached and to women, men never seem to care enough. Throw that perspective away and learn that every person has a different way of dealing with stress; that might actually lower the stress.

3. Avoid Pointing your Finger at Them:

It may be very difficult for some to stay quiet and not blame the person responsible, but once the blame game begins, serious harm is caused to the relationship. Understanding that fact and also this one that life comes packed with hardships and it is impossible to have a perfectly easy one can help a person a lot. The goal is to make your bond with your mate even stronger, not to prove their actions wrong. When such a time comes, be patient instead of being critical.

4. Detect the Stress Source:

Diseases are eradicated from where they are born. Likewise, identify the problem that is giving birth to stress between you and your partner and deal with it. If it is an outside problem, like a financial one, let it stay outside. A matter that affects both the persons individually should be dealt with collectively, and if it is not a relationship problem do not let it damage your relationship and peace of mind.

5. Stay Respectful:

People tend to be harsh and hurtful when they’re in stress and that affects their relationships the most. The last thing a person in a relationship should do is disrespect their partner. Lack of consideration before speaking leads to awful behavior which breeds stress and lessens the unity. Stress can be decreased by always keeping in mind the respect you have for your partner.

6. Be a Good Manager:

The one repetitive mistake of mixing unrelated problems with your relationship creates confusion and leads to stress. If life is giving you lemons in more ways than one, try to deal with them in more than one way. Differentiate your relationship from the problems you have outside of it.

7. Express Love and Encourage More:

A person always performs well when appreciated, it is human nature. Seek every opportunity to encourage your partner, tell them to put your confidence in them and make them comfortable with that thought. In times of self-doubt, they will know you will always be there and that may reduce the stress. Confidence is always restored when a loved one shows some more of it. Mutual encouragement is an effective tool to reduce stress in a relationship; one should know how and when to use it.

8. Always Remember the Alliance:

Remind yourself every now and then that you and your partner are to face everything together. Put them where you put yourself, that way you will find them standing by your side while facing a challenge. As the love grows stronger during the happy times of a relationship, difficult times do not prove to be challenging.

9. Seek Help if it is needed:

Putting an object too close to our eyes makes it difficult for us to see it clearly. If it gets out of hand, do not give up. Seek the help of a third person to keep your relationship and the love you have for your partner. Do not let pride and stubbornness come in the way of saving your love. Advice and counselling of a third person can help decrease the stress and strengthen the bond and unity.

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