9 Ways We Wish Guys Would Just Man Up When It Comes To Love

Real men shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to expressing their opinions.

For a gender that claims to exude absolute dominance and strength, men can be so scared sometimes. They can let their fears get the best of them a lot of the time. As a result, they end up having lost opportunities that they will never get back. A lot of men think that they are really strong, but the truth is that they are the most insecure people on the planet. They are seeking constant validation from other people and their sense of self-worth is purely dependent on what other people think of them.

They never like to open themselves up to people because they know that they can’t handle peoples’ criticisms. They try to exude an aura of coldness and mystery, but the truth is that they’re just afraid of letting people in. They are afraid of getting hurt. They don’t want to expose their egos to pain, and so they will try to shut themselves in. These are just some of the ways in which men give in to their fears in relationships. This can be incredibly frustrating for the courageous women who are just willing to let themselves be vulnerable for the sake of a relationship.

Here are a few ways men should just be more courageous as well.

1. Make an effort to listen to what she’s saying.

Be man enough to actually listen to your girl. Sensitivity isn’t something that is seen as feminine or emasculating. The strongest men are those who are able to make their women feel safe in conversations. These are the kinds of men who aren’t afraid of making sure that their women feel heard.

2. Open yourself up to whatever she has to say.

Stop being so scared of having difficult conversations with your girl. These difficult and complex conversations are vital in preserving the depth of your relationship. Don’t be afraid to listen to the harsh truths that your girl may want to tell you. Be there to listen to her and always receive her thoughts and opinions well no matter how difficult.

3. Don’t suppress your true emotions.

No, it’s not being weak when a man chooses to express his true feelings and emotions. In fact, the strongest and most secure men are not afraid of letting their girls know how they really feel. They know that communication is important in a relationship and that honesty must always be practiced. – Continue reading on the next page

4. Learn how to be more empathetic and understanding.

Men who are cold and distant are not strong men. The strongest men; the men who are unafraid are the ones who are empathetic and understanding. They do not shy away from vulnerable moments because emotions do not intimidate them at all. They are perfectly capable of empathizing with other people and establishing emotional connections with others.

5. Stop trying to fix her; just be there for her.

Sometimes, a girl doesn’t want to run to you with her problems because she wants you to solve them for her. It takes a great deal of restraint for a man to just let a girl deal with her problems on her own, and that’s why only the strongest men are able to do so. Men shouldn’t be so afraid of letting their girls stumble every so often. Sometimes, they need to go through trials on their own to become better people.

6. Apologize whenever you make a mistake.

Men should never be afraid of owning up to their mistakes and taking accountability for their actions. The strongest men aren’t afraid of making apologies whenever the situation calls for it. They are mature enough to acknowledge their own weaknesses and shortcomings. They are also strong enough to know that they can bounce back from their failures to redeem themselves. They aren’t afraid of failing and making mistakes because they treat these experiences as learning opportunities. – Continue reading on the next page

7. Express your opinions with tact and respect.

Real men shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to expressing their opinions. They shouldn’t be afraid of confrontation or conflict. Real men will say the things that no one wants to hear because these are the things that need to be said. They aren’t afraid of having difficult conversations with people and they will never shy away from speaking their minds.

8. Don’t succumb to petty fights with your girl.

Only the weaklings succumb to petty and shallow fights with their women. You shouldn’t be afraid to just dive into the thick of things and have mature arguments with your women. The immature men who are afraid of having deep conversations with their girls will try to resort to shallow fights and arguments.

9. Always be kind and gentle when you’re with your girl.

The real men of the world are the ones who aren’t afraid of expressing their love and passion for their women. They see sensitivity as strength, and they see compassion as an asset. They consider themselves very strong and capable men who are well-versed in the areas of feelings and emotions.

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