9 Ways You Can Be Treated Badly In A Toxic Relationship

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?

As sad as it is to accept, toxic relationships do exist and they are the absolute worst. Love is always something that should be celebrated and cherished. It’s supposed to be something that inspires and motivates you to become a better human being. Love is supposed to be filling your life with limitless positivity and joy. To allow a relationship to become an environment for toxicity and manipulation is a downright disgrace. 

So whenever you find yourself as a victim of a manipulative and abusive partner who is keeping you locked down in a toxic relationship, then you have to try your best to get out of it. It can be difficult. You may be feeling emotionally and mentally weak and that’s not by accident. They intended for you to feel that way so that you would grow more dependent on them. They want you to think that you are weak and needy. But you shouldn’t succumb to that kind of mentality. You always have to know your worth and demand more in a relationship. You should never be the subject of abuse or manipulation at the hands of a toxic partner.

But that’s the tricky part. Sometimes, you can be stuck in a toxic relationship without really knowing it. You will be too blinded by your selfless love to see that you are actually being treated terribly. You always have to maintain a sense of self-awareness in your relationship. You can’t afford to be oblivious of all the abuses that are done to you. You have to be able to stand up for yourself. Here are a few ways in which you are being treated badly in a toxic relationship even though you don’ fully realize it.

1. You are told that you are always overreacting to things.

You will be made to think that everything is just inside of your head. Even though reality suggests that there is cause for outrage, you will be made to believe that you are just overreacting to everything. 

2. You are made to believe that your feelings are irrelevant.

Your feelings will be discarded and ignored. They are going to make you think that you are always just generally emotional about everything and that your feelings don’t carry any real weight. They will make you believe that you should just shut up about what you feel because no one is interested in hearing about it. 

3. They will trick you into believing that you are hearing things.

Whenever you manage to catch them in a lie or a broken promise. They will try their best to make you believe that you’re crazy and that you were only imagining it when they made those lies in the first place. Somehow they are going to make it seem like everything is your fault. 

4. They will always play the victim.

He will retreat into his best impression of a little puppy dog asking for forgiveness. He will make it seem like he was helpless to the situation and that’s why he ended up screwing up. 

5. They will make you feel guilty about not trusting them.

You have no reason to trust them because of the way they treat you and all of the betrayal. But he is cunning. He is going to make you believe that you are a terrible partner for not being able to trust him. He will make it seem like it’s all your fault.

6. You will constantly be reminded of your faults from the past.

He will always be trying to get away with his screw-ups by reminding you of all the times you have screwed up in the past. You’re not a perfect person, but he isn’t going to miss out on an opportunity to remind you of your imperfections if it means he can get away with his faults too. 

7. You will be accused of having misplaced anxiety.

He will try to invalidate everything that you say or feel by making you believe that you have some sort of anxiety disorder. That isn’t the truth. The truth is that he is the one who is causing all of your anxiety and he knows it.

8. You will be left hanging in the middle of a conversation.

He won’t want to have difficult conversations with you, and so he’s just going to leave right in the middle of the discussion. He knows that you are always right and that you will always be able to catch him in a bind. That’s why he would prefer to just cut things short and move on before you can make your point. 

9. They will threaten you with ultimatums.

As if you are the one who has everything to lose when the relationship ends. It’s part of them trying to make you think that you need them in your life when it’s the other way around. They will shout out these hollow threats at you just to intimidate you. 

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