A Child’s Smartphone Usage Is A Bigger Deal Than We Thought, Studies Show

A lot of us are going to defend the existence and prominence of smartphones in our daily lives. Because of smartphones, we are able to communicate and stay in touch with our children anytime we want.

We are able to expose them to so much more information and knowledge that can help sharpen their minds and expand their perspectives. And it’s true. There are many benefits that are afforded to us because of smartphones. However, smartphone usage can carry a few caveats as well.

There is a new report that was published by Childwise that says that most kids spend an average of around 6.5 hours per day in front of their smartphone screens. One-third of the respondents of the study claimed that they couldn’t really function properly without their devices. And now, a lot of scientists are giving their warnings and precautions about the many possible consequences of excessive smartphone usage.

This article, in particular, seeks to highlight 9 problems that children might have to face as a result of excessive smartphone usage. If you are rather liberal with the amount of time that you allow your child to have on smartphones, then this article might make you want to rethink your philosophies on the matter.

1. It can deteriorate your relationship with your child.

Firstly, it can take away from the time that you spend with your child. As a parent, you always want to be spending lots of quality time with your kid. And when you’re okay with just having them constantly glued on their smartphones, then you aren’t really strengthening your relationship.

2. It can desensitize a child to toxic behavior and traits.

There is no doubt that a child is going to be exposed to so many things on social media and the internet. And while that can be seen as a learning opportunity, it’s not always going to be the case.

Being constantly exposed to toxic behavior and negative traits might result in the normalization of these things. The child is at risk of being desensitized to things that should really make them uncomfortable.

3. It hinders a child’s social development.

A human being’s younger years are always going to be very important in forming and establishing foundations for the people that they’re going to become. That’s why it’s very important that they have heightened developments throughout these younger stages.

And sometimes, excessive smartphone usage can severely stunt a child’s ability to be social with other people. That’s a major problem because social skills are always necessary for pursuing success and stability in life.

4. It can trigger anxiety and depression to those who are prone to mental health issues.

When a child is on social media a lot, they are exposed to the lives and lifestyles of so many different people. This isn’t always a good thing especially when a child is dealing with certain self-esteem issues. They end up comparing their own lives to the lives of the people they see on the internet. And they feel a sense of displeasure for their own lives as a result of jealousy.

5. It can affect a child’s quality of sleep.

Smartphone usage can definitely affect a person’s sleeping patterns. And this is especially true for children. Smartphone usage can entail high cognitive usage and activity. And that might prevent a child from being able to relax and sleep properly. Not to mention the blue light that is emitted from these smartphone screens as well.

6. It might contribute to a child’s likelihood to become obese.

It’s simple, really. The younger a human being, the more energy that they’re going to have. And all of that energy is normally put into physical activities and endeavors. When a child is constantly using a smartphone all of the time, it can cultivate a lack of interest in physical fitness and activity. This can all lead to obesity and other health issues.

7. It causes some very serious behavioral problems.

Some children can experience some very serious behavioral problems as a result of smartphone or social media usage. The internet is a very vast and open space that exposes the child to so many things. And that can hinder a child’s ability to focus on just one particular task at hand. It might contribute to a child’s attention deficit.

8. It can stunt a child’s growth in other aspects of life.

When it comes to a child’s individual development, it’s always important to take a holistic approach to things. Yes, there are particular aspects in which a child can excel in. but that doesn’t mean that there should be a total abandonment of other aspects of life. And that’s where smartphone usage can be a problem. It can take time away from a child to grow and develop in other areas.

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