A Couple Accidentally Sent $750K to the Wrong Guy, and He Went on a HUGE Spending Spree

After a huge transfer error, a wannabe Australian rapper went on a wild spending spree instead of doing the right thing and had to face a court trial for his wrongdoings.

The Sydney-based rapper was charged with a criminal offense when he didn’t do the right thing after a couple accidentally transferred a massive amount into his bank account.

Last year, 24-year-old Abdel Ghadia received $75,000 in his account when a young couple accidentally entered the wrong number on their bank transfer payment for a house.

After receiving the money, instead of returning the payment, Ghadia went on a crazy shopping spree and spent the entire amount.

According to a Fairfield Advocate report, an unnamed couple who wanted to buy a house and had finalized the deal with the sellers transferred $759,314 to Abdel Ghadia’s bank account instead of sending the money to the Commonwealth bank account of the house owners.

However, a few days later, the couple received a call from their business attorney and was informed that the broker didn’t receive any funds in their account.

Meanwhile, after receiving the money, Ghadia splashed the funds on gold bars, expensive clothes, foreign exchange, and overpriced makeup products.

The Advocate reported that the aspiring rapper, who had been making $4,800 from a clothes warehouse, was arrested by the Police in October 2021. During the interrogation, he admitted to waking up one day and seeing the money in his bank account.

“The court reportedly heard that Ghadia told police he ‘just woke up and saw the money’ – and proceeded to buy almost $600,000 on gold bullion at one store in Sydney, plus more than $110,000 at a separate Brisbane store, where he also bought expensive coins.”

The investigation also disclosed that the Western Sydney native bought expensive makeup products from Mecca, clothes from Uniqlo, and got himself some foreign exchange.

When asked about the money, Abdel said, “The money just dropped into my account, and I spent it. I had no idea how it got there, and I told the bank, but I did go and spend it.”

When the couple learned about their money and how Ghadia had spent it all, they were left in shock and denial.

“The horrified couple was devastated when they learned their funds had not arrived in the designated account for settlement,” wrote Daily Mail.

“Court records indicate he pleaded guilty to two charges of dealing with the property proceeds of crime with a sum greater than $100,000.” 

The Aussie rapper, who goes by the username ‘Slimmy’ on YouTube, also wrote a rap rhyme on his socials and claimed the police were tapping his phone calls.

“Detectives making offers asking where’d the MONEY GO. They tapping all my phonecalls but I speak a different LINGO!!”

According to the Fairfield Advance court documents, the gold bought by the musician was still not recovered.

Until November, the 24-year-old rapper faced strict bail conditions, including a ban from stepping foot near the international airport, and had a 10 to 7 am curfew.

He was sentenced on December 2, 2022.

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Source: Daily Mail 

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