A Couple Who Sleeps Separately for 7 Years says They’re Very Happy

It is said that distance makes the heart grow fonder – the statements hold very accurate for today’s story that comes from a couple who have been sleeping separately for seven years and couldn’t be happier with each other.

There was a time when it was taboo or even problematic for married couples to sleep apart. But this couple has proved them wrong as it has given them a better life together, they share a stronger emotional bond, and they are living their best lives.

While talking about it during an exclusive interview with Bright Side:

“My husband and I have been living together for 8 years, and for 7 of them, we’ve been sleeping in different bedrooms. No, it is not because we argue a lot or because of children (we don’t have children), but just because we like it this way. It seems like it’s not a big deal, right? You sleep in different bedrooms or don’t go on vacations together — who cares? The most important thing is to be happy. But in fact, when you set your own rules in your marriage, you might encounter stereotypes that might make you think you’re doing it all wrong.

The need for this stemmed when both of them had different work schedules and couldn’t fall asleep in synchronicity – which led to a lot of slow mornings where both of them felt a complete lack of energy and woke up exhausted. She added:

“Besides, we realized that we had completely different sleep schedules. At the time, I had a very flexible work schedule, so I was at the peak of my activity in the evening and at night — I could watch movies and read books until midnight and I woke up at about 9 a.m. — 10 a.m. And my boyfriend was supposed to be at work by 9 a.m., so it was very important for him to have a good night’s sleep. However, because of the problems that were caused by sleeping together, neither of us could sleep more than 6-7 hours. As a result, both he and I became more irritable, tired, and nervous.

While speaking about how it affected their relationship, she added:

“Finally, our arguments stopped almost completely — most of our reasons for arguing just disappeared and both of us became much calmer in general. Besides, we started to work together much better — where before, it was hard for both of us to get up and collect ourselves.

If this couple can find peace and pure happiness by sleeping separately, more power to them! Humans have always been learners and thinkers – we change our routines and lives according to our needs. We try our best to develop a healthy life and be as peaceful and happy as possible.

You can read their full exclusive interview at Bright Side.

Images & Quotations Source: Bright Side

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