A Definitive Ranking Of Flirters From Best To Worst Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How good are you at flirting?


You are the smoothest out of all the Zodiac signs. You are somehow able to hold a proper and stimulating discussion with just about anyone that you meet. You are a skilled conversationalist and people really genuinely like talking to you. You also know just how to keep people hooked by never revealing all your cards and keeping the most important parts of yourself a mystery. 


As a Virgo, you have a grace about you that is very rare to find in people. You exude the kind of body language that is just naturally attractive, receptive, and comforting to be around. You know just the right moments of when to touch people and you know exactly where to touch them too. A simple rub of the arm and you will have people eating out of the palm of your hand.


You are very direct and a lot of people like that about you. As an Aries, you have no problems going after what you want. You never hesitate when it comes to flirting and that natural confidence really shows. You are also very good at underhandedly generating sexual tension between you and another person even when you are only meeting for the first time. 


You tend to take a very traditional and methodical approach to flirting. Knowing that you are a Taurus, you tend to always befriend a person before you actually make your real moves on them. You are good at making people laugh because of your with and charisma. You also have this uncanny ability just to make anyone feel comfortable around you. 


You’re fairly good at flirting granted that it’s the right medium for you to do so. You aren’t an exceptionally good flirter when it comes to being around someone in person. However, you make up for it by being really good at texting with your phone. It’s not the best case scenario, but hey, it’s still something. At least you’re not completely horrible at flirting in general.


As much as you love to flirt, you’re just not very good at it. Granted that you are a Leo, you will always think that your skills are actually much more than they really are. You are known to be quite good looking but your confidence just totally blows things out of proportion. You tend to lose your cool whenever someone shows the slightest bit of indifference and disinterest.


You are bad at flirting because you always go about it in the wrong way. As a Sagittarius, you think that the key to winning another person’s heart is to always act aloof, disinterested, and hard to get. That no longer works these days. You are the kind of person who thinks that replying late to text messages is a great way to flirt. It isn’t. It only makes you look sloppy. 


You tend to be very shy, hesitant, and withdrawn and that’s why you are just terrible at dating. You never like to make the first move and you always tend to take a passive approach to flirting in general. No one really knows whether you’re interested in them because as a Cancer, you are always just stuck in the safety of your own little shell. 


You just try too hard when it comes to flirting and people find you pathetic. They see that you are just trying to outdo yourself by putting on a show, and so they never really get to see who you really are inside. You always go about flirting a little too unnaturally, Gemini, and that’s why you are always struggling when it comes to getting people to become attracted to you. 


You are a little bit of a klutz. As a Pisces, you are accident-prone and it carries over into your flirtatious efforts. You are a little bit of a rambler and you are prone to saying all of the wrong things in the middle of the conversation. You are the epitome of term word vomit because of the number of crazy things that just manage to escape your mouth. You have to learn how to be more selective of what you say.


Learn to control your feelings and your emotions. You don’t have to vomit out every single thing that you’re feeling at any given moment. You have to learn how to restrain yourself if you don’t want to come off as too strong or overeager. 


You are just too much of an overthinking machine and people can see the struggles that you have because they are plastered right on your face. As a Libra, you are known to be the kind of person who actually rehearses lines and conversations before a date. Stop doing that. You are coming off as really robotic and just plain downright weird. There is such a thing as being over-prepared and you are incredibly prone to it. 

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