A Definitive Ranking Of Self-Destructive Zodiac Signs In A Relationship

Have you ever had destructive thoughts?

1. Scorpio

Out of all the Zodiac signs, you are the most likely to implode a relationship. You have the destructive power of a nuclear bomb. You destroy not only yourself, but also anyone who is within the nearby vicinities. You are a generally loving person and that’s how you draw people closer to you, but you tend to get possessive and jealous a little too much in a relationship. 

2. Taurus

Like a Scorpio, you are known to be quite loving and passionate. You have this uncanny ability to wear people down with the way that you endear yourself to them. But also like a Scorpio, you have plenty of issues that you need to deal with. As a Taurus, you tend to let your passions get the best of you and you become overly obsessive in a relationship to the point of suffocation for your partner.

3. Gemini

From the outside looking in, Geminis can seem like very bubbly, energetic, and zealous people. You always manage to project an image of positivity and boundless energy. However, on the inside, you are just tearing yourself up. You are constantly battling with anxiety, insecurity, and distrust that it’s starting to affect the dynamics of your relationship. The root of it all is your inability to open up about your issues.

4. Leo

At the start, there’s pretty much nothing wrong with you. As a Leo, you are always known to be a great relationship partner when things are new and fresh in the relationship. You always exude a sense of excitement and joy when the relationship is still new. But when you get deeper into a relationship, your true demons of pride and conceit will start to rear their heads and cause problems for you. 

5. Cancer

For the most part, you are a very sensitive and conservative human being. You are also quite expressive when it comes to your emotions and so people always know how to be when they’re around you. However, you tend to hold on to grudges and vendettas for too long. It’s difficult for you to let go of arguments and disagreements with your partner.

6. Virgo

You are your own worst enemy when it comes to relationships. While you know how to maneuver your way around a relationship at the start, your brain just always ends up betraying you in the end. You tend to overthink things a little too much and you end up freezing yourself in a relationship. 

7. Aries

When people think of Aries, they automatically think of love. It’s like you’ve practically become the poster child for love. Whenever people encounter you, it’s as if you are always in love. You are really open about your feelings of affection and endearment. However, what ultimately dooms your relationships is your inability to just commit and stay loyal to one person.

8. Libra

You’re not particularly self-destructive in a relationship. You know how to make a love last, but it just doesn’t come as naturally to you as it does with others. You are a social butterfly and so you have so many distractions that plague your mind and often cause you to make the wrong decisions in a relationship. You try to please too many people at once and you forget to prioritize.

9. Capricorn

For the most part, you are very reliable when it comes to being in a relationship. As a Capricorn, you are known to be very steady, certain, and poised even during high-pressure social situations. You are a no-nonsense kind of person and you are never afraid to speak your mind. You have an intolerance for people who don’t take things seriously. Your only flaws are that you are pessimistic and negative.

10. Aquarius

Ironically enough, your lack of emotion is what actually makes you a good partner in a relationship. You are very smart and analytical and so you know how to maneuver yourself out of trouble in a relationship without much hassle. The only hurdle that you need to get over is your unwillingness to engage with your partner on a more personal and emotional level. 

11. Sagittarius

You find it really hard to be self-destructive in a relationship. As a Sagittarius, you always project an air of happiness, joy, and optimism to the people who are around you. You like to throw around positive vibes to anyone you encounter. You just have to make sure that you keep your optimism in check. You can’t afford to let your optimism blind you from reality. A little cynicism is always healthy.

12. Pisces

Out of all the Zodiac signs, you are the least likely to self-destruct. You really know your way around your relationships. You are sensitive, emotional, and genuinely loving. You know how to express your love and intimacy in tasteful manners. And you also know how to balance the dynamics of a relationship well. If you ever go through a breakup, it is rarely ever your fault. 

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  1. I think for the most part what you say have some truth. No not when it comes to pisces you are totally wrong. I find them to be heartless, mean, controlling, unable to love being happy,very bipolar, will never admit that you was telling them the truth about something, always wants things there way it’s there way or here come the devil,they believe that you do what they want if they or the provider in the relationship,they.will take care of the family but u really pay for that stability being with them, controlling even the sex life,no romantic bone in the body,have no problem with hurting your feelings and will never apologize for not they do.If you don’t stand your ground with them letting them know they can’t run over you they will try.You my find yourself stooping to there level out of anger.

  2. I agree with you because my mum is Pisces,she so a controlling, bitter woman, always angry,sad, the most unforgiving person,she always wants things to be done her own ways,I can never a friend or married anyone who is a Pisces.

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