A Definitive Ranking Of The Creepiest Zodiac Signs From Least To Most

How creepy is your sign?


You aren’t a creep at all. You are a little bundle of joy. You wouldn’t even hurt a fly. People are generally comfortable with being around you because of how generally normal and predictable you are as a human being. Even when people upset you, you have a tendency to just let things go. The probable only downside to your personality is the fact that you tend to spend so much time on social media looking at other people.


You’re pretty much an average human being as well but with a few distinguishing factors. You are the type of person who would have a weird collection of dolls or other semi-creepy item of some sort. But relatively speaking, people aren’t really intimidated by you. They know you wouldn’t do anything completely out of the ordinary. You’re just difficult to understand sometimes.


The creepiest thing about you is that you are fond of all those horror films and gory television shows. You are fascinated by crime dramas and you are always very interested in studies that cover supernatural experiences. You absolutely love Halloween and you think it’s the best thing ever. Cause for concern? Not really. Your friends still think that you’re really chill.


Only very mildly creepy. That’s what you are, Leo. While people generally still like being around you, they can still get very weirded out sometimes. The reason for that is because of your abnormal fascination with the idea of death. You seem to be incredibly fixated in the concept of losing life and a lot of people aren’t really fond of discussing something so gruesome and morbid.


You’re a bit like a Taurus except you do things on a much grander scale. You take the whole idea of gore and horror to a whole other level. You love reading up on real-life ghost stories and you like to explore notoriously haunted locations. You are just a little too addicted to being scared and terrified by things. 


Not a lot of modern age thinkers are going to be fond of your tendencies to lean towards the supernatural side of the spectrum. A lot of modern rationalists will not be fond of talking to you because of your addiction to ghosts and spirits. You are also the kind of person who would likely visit tarot card readers and fortune tellers a little too often. 


Whereas a lot of people on this list will possess a kind of fascination with fearful things, you are the complete opposite, and that’s what makes you creepy. Things that usually creep other people out do absolutely nothing for you. You would gladly pet any rats or spiders that might be near you. You don’t feel the urge to throw up when you see severed body parts or blood. You have no reaction to these things and that’s really creepy.


You are addicted to pain and suffering and that’s what turns a lot of people off about you. You are the type of person who can’t be empathetic with other people who are going through difficult times or rough patches. You love to hear stories about how people are suffering with illnesses or lost loved ones. You like to witness violent events that unfold right in front of your very eyes.


You have the intellect of an antagonistic character straight out of a Stephen King novel. You are the type of person who would be deeply knowledgeable about bombs, weapons, arson, methods of killing, and other creepy stuff. The kind of things that you usually like to talk about wouldn’t make for great dinner table chatter because people don’t typically like to talk about how murders are conducted. 


Do you even still wonder why people aren’t really fond of being around you? You own a Ouija board and you always like to predict peoples’ deaths or misfortunes. You are always going around telling people about the bad things that are going to happen in their lives. You are the go-to source for everything negative in the lives of the people around you. Of course people don’t like to spend time with you. You always make them feel weirded out and downright terrible.


There’s always this one kid that everyone at school suspects of being part of some secret Satanic cult. And most likely, the other kids at school assume that you’re that kid. You seem like you would be the type of person to engage in these secret societies to practice the occult and other mysterious activities. 


You are like a real-life Freddy Kruger. You find joy in the pain and the suffering of other people. You are obsessed with the idea of death and killing. If a murder were committed in town, people would automatically assume you to be the one guilty of it.

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  1. I am a Virgo and I am creepy AF. I am way off the normal side. I would not say this is completely accurate.

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