A Definitive Ranking Of The Most Confident Zodiac Signs From Highest to Lowest

How confident are you?


There is just no defeating you when it comes to confidence levels. You are always very sure of yourself and there is very little anyone can do to actually put a dent in your love for your own self. You are the epitome of confidence in a human being. You never believe that you are wrong and you always think that people should bow down to your greatness as an individual. 


You aren’t as blindly confident as a Leo, but you’re still ranked pretty high up on the list. You have developed a sense of self-awareness and so you know that you are an imperfect being who is prone to a few mistakes and shortcomings. But for the most part, you are pretty pleased with the person that you see looking back at you in the mirror. 


You espouse a different kind of confidence as a Capricorn. You don’t really see yourself as some sort of superior member of the human race. You just don’t really tend to care about what other people think or feel when they see you. You are a I do things my own way kind of person and that’s where a lot of your confidence really stems from; not caring about what other people think of you.


Whenever someone criticizes you, you tend to handle it pretty well. That’s how confident you are. You know that you have a few imperfections, but that’s fine with you. You are secure enough in yourself to know that you are still an all-around great person. And whatever imperfections or flaws you may have are things that you can continue to work on


You’re just slightly above average as far as confidence in one’s self is concerned. You are the type of person who wouldn’t have any problem giving speeches at social gatherings. In fact, you shine whenever the spotlight is on you. But when you’re left alone with your thoughts, that’s when insecurities start to creep in. Your confidence levels basically depend on who you’re with. 


When other people look at you, they think that you are someone who is essentially immune to any sense of insecurities. People typically tend to think of Aries human beings as all-around confident individuals. But the truth is that you have a tendency to be quite sensitive and emotional. You just do a better job at hiding your feelings than others. 


You have lots to prove and that comes with your pride as a Taurus. You are always looking to showcase just how great of a person you are and that’s really where a lot of your insecurity stems from. You think that the only way for you to prove your self-worth is when other people are able to acknowledge your greatness. Your confidence purely depends on the validation of others.


Like a Taurus, you are also dependent on other people to feel okay with who you are as a person. Ultimately, the only way for you to be confident with yourself is when people actually throw compliments your way. Otherwise, you are just a complete mess. You are always fishing around for nice things that people will have to say about you. 


You are a complete mystery to people. You are never the same person twice, as it seems. It’s as if you have a real identity crises and that is proof that you are really insecure. You always want to be liked and well-received by the people you encounter. And so you adjust your personality to how you think they would want you to be whenever you’re together. You have no real sense of identity because of this habit of yours. 


You definitely care a little too much as a Cancer. It’s so obvious that you are always just trying too hard to overcompensate for something in your life. And you know this because people have probably brought this up with you before. You tend to get overly emotional and crazy about things that really aren’t a big deal in the first place. You have close to zero confidence.


While it may seem ironic for you to not have high levels of confidence considering that you are a very smart and intellectual person, it’s the truth. As an Aquarius, you tend to place too much importance in your image. You always want to project a perfect version of yourself to the world and that’s what makes you really insecure. It’s not enough that you already have a good life. You need others to see it as well.


Out of all the Zodiac signs, you are the least confident of them all. You hate being thrust into awkward social situations. You hate it whenever you are the center of attention. You are practically frightened of the spotlight. You just aren’t secure enough in your own personality to be okay with having lots of people divert their attention towards you. 

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