A Definitive Ranking Of Zodiac Signs On How They Get Over Being Dumped From Best To Worst

How long did you take to recover?


As a Libra, you are known to handle breakups and heartaches very well. Your fall from grace is always done with such poise and class that a lot of people will have a difficult time feeling sorry for you. They will think that you’re fine and that you won’t need consoling. You are typically a very peaceful person and so you always like to maintain peace even during breakups. You never like to harbor ill feelings or bitterness


You aren’t known to beat around the bush and that works to your advantage. You value absolute honesty and frankness. You don’t like it when you discover that people are lying to you just to protect your feelings. That’s why breakups are relatively easy for you. You would rather that your partner be upfront about being unhappy in a relationship with you so that you can go your separate ways.


An Aquarius tends to withdraw into seclusion after a difficult breakup. You will just take that time to reflect and find yourself before you can be okay again but it typically doesn’t take you too long. You are very cerebral and so you won’t take breakups too personally especially if the reasons are justifiable. It would be easy for you to move on because of the sheer power of your brain. 


A Sagittarius is very much known to have a sound mind and peaceful heart. They don’t grieve too much over spilled milk, but they don’t forget heartbreaking experiences so easily either. The thought of what ifs and could have beens will always plague their mind even though they won’t necessarily show it. They also tend to be less trusting of people the more that they get heartbroken.


You know that you are really good at hiding your feelings and so people don’t really notice whether you are hurting or not on the inside after a broken relationship. But then, underneath all of the facades that you’re putting up, there is a lot of pain and disappointment. You don’t particularly like to talk about your feelings because it upsets you and so no one really knows how you’re feeling.


You tend to be a very guarded and closed-off person. You don’t like to open yourself up a lot because you’re afraid of getting hurt. And so you will try to distance yourself from people a lot. But when you do fall in love and it fails, then it breaks you completely. When you get heartbroken, you become even more introverted and antisocial than were at the start. 


A Virgo is always going to want full control of everything. you don’t adapt well to any unexpected circumstances. You always like for things to go your way and you spiral into madness whenever disruptions arise. So whenever you get broken up with, you become very disoriented. You will start to replay the entire relationship in your head to try to figure out where things went wrong.


Capricorns are a lot like Scorpios after a disappointing breakup. You will withdraw into your own seclusion and you will shut yourself off from people. You will only choose to confide in the people you can genuinely trust, and that’s a very small circle of people. You weren’t realy trusting of many people at the start and the breakup didn’t help at all.


A Taurus is vindictive. The moment someone breaks up with you, you will immediately turn into the most bitter person on earth. You will delete your ex from your phone. You will block that person from your Facebook feed. And you will make sure to make that person feel utmost coldness and indifference even though deep down inside, the flames of your pain are burning like wildfire.


You will have an internal struggle and that may drive you to do crazy things. For one, you want to be acting all cold and distant as if you are unaffected by the breakup. But on the other hand, you want so desperately to get your ex back and you won’t know what to do with yourself. You might just go insane. 


Understandably enough, you don’t handle breakups well because of your pride. You don’t like to be blindsided. You will see it as a big affront to your ego and so you will start lying to people. You will tell them that the breakup was something you saw coming and that you were only beat to the punch. You might even resort to telling people that your ex was crazy.


You are the absolute worst person to break up with because you go crazy. You just plain lose it. You let your emotions get the best of you and you end up acting very uncharacteristically and illogically. You are the type of person who will resort to passive aggressive commentary on your social media profiles and all of them are targeting your ex. You don’t care about your pride or your dignity when you’re going through a breakup and that’s downright scary. 

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