A Devoted Husband – Liam Neeson Stayed Strong for His Teenage Sons After the Death of his Beloved Wife

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Liam Neeson is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most well-respected actors. He’s had a massive career playing leading roles in chart-topping movies like Schindler’s List, Taken, Star Wars, and Men in Black, just to name a few. His illustrious career in the movie industry also reflects perfectly on how he is as a human being.

Liam Neeson is an incredible man, husband, and father. Today’s story is about how he lost his beloved wife, stood firm, and took care of his teenage sons, all while reminiscing about the love of his life.

Liam Neeson & Natasha Richardson – Made for Each Other

In 1993, Liam & Natasha met while performing in a play on Broadway – that’s when they knew they were made for each other. The two instantly fell in love and got married in 1994. The couple welcomed two children, Micheál & Daniel. The happy family lived a joyous life for 16 years until tragedy befell them.

Liam Loses Natasha in 2009

On March 18th, 2009 – the couple was at the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort where Natasha had a skiing accident which led to severe head injury. She was taken to the hospital, but the damage to her brain was so severe that it led to internal bleeding.

While speaking to CNN’S Anderson Cooper, Liam talked about the tragic day:

“I was told she was brain dead. And seeing this X-ray it was, like, “Wow.” You know. But obviously she was on life support and stuff. And I went in to her and told her I loved her. Said, “Sweetie, you’re not coming back from this. You’ve banged your head. It’s– I don’t know if you can hear me, but that’s– this is what’s gone down. And we’re bringing ya back to New York. All your family and friends will come.” And that was more or less it. You know?”

He also talked about how the couple made a pact and how Natasha’s organs are now saving the lives of others:

“She and I had made a pact. If any of us got into a vegetative state that we’d pull the plug. You know? So when I saw her and saw all these tubes and stuff, that was my immediate thought. Was, “OK, these tubes have to go. She’s gone.” But donated three of her organs, so she’s keeping three people alive at the moment. Yeah. Her heart, her kidneys and her liver.”

Liam Neeson – A Strong-Willed Husband & Father

Losing someone you hold so dear to your heart can leave a gaping hole in your life and crush your dreams, but Liam stood strong and knew he had to be a responsible and loving father to his children even in the absence of his soulmate.

Being an incredible human being, Liam always kept Natasha close to his heart while raising their boys and making sure they were loved unconditionally.

Continuing his conversation with Anderson Cooper, Liam spoke about his wife and his adoration for her:

“She was a radiant beauty. Yeah, cascading hair. I remember. There was– that was very, very attractive.”

“I’d never had that kind of an explosive chemistry situation with an actor, or actress.”

“She cared for everybody. She has a motherly instinct. And she’d make dinners for everyone and just looked after us all,”

On the topic of raising two teenage boys, Liam spoke to GQ Magazine according to ABC News:

“My boys are teenagers. They’re experimenting. They’re flexing muscles and sometimes dangerous avenues, and you think, ‘F***. If Tasha was here, someone could share this,'”

According to Belfast Telegraph, he talked about the importance of a mother figure:

“Not having a mother figure definitely set the balance of the family off,”

Liam Neeson has all of our love and respect; he’s a pure soul, an amazing father, and the love he carries for his wife is exemplary.

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