A Good Woman Wants Your Love, Time, And Attention. Not Your Money

She is the kind of woman who is going to ask you to be a shoulder to cry on whenever life gets too overwhelming.

Yes. You could buy her all of the luxurious gifts and lavish jewelry that her heart desires. Yes, you could provide her with the best kind of house that modern engineering has to offer. You could provide her with the fanciest cars and the most expensive gadgets available on the market. You could probably provide her with a bottomless bank account that she has free reign over. You could do all of these things to show her just how much she means to you, but she’s not going to appreciate it as much as when you just choose to give her your time. All of these gifts are great, but a good woman won’t care about these material items as long as she has your time. She is the kind of girl who would gladly give up all of the fancy jewelry if it meant that she could spend more time with you. She wouldn’t accept any of the expensive cars if it meant that you would have to work overtime just to pay off your dues. Having money is great, but money can come and go. Time is something that can’t be bargained with. It’s something that you’re given, and you have to make the most of it. It’s not something that can be bought or sold. Time is precious and a good woman knows that this is the most precious thing that anyone could ever give another person. So that’s why if she’s given the chance to choose between time and money, she’s going to choose time every single time. Because once it’s all said and done, money isn’t going to be what binds you together, it’s whatever time that you choose to invest into the relationship that makes it worthwhile.

You could give her the kind of financial security that many others spend a lifetime trying to achieve. You could promise her that she will never have to worry about going hungry or being homeless for the rest of her life. You could promise the best kind of future for any prospective children you might have together. You could tell her that your kids would be able to go to the best schools and will never want for anything. You could give her any kind of material future that she would ask for. But in the end, none of these things will be as important to her as your attention. She wants you to be the kind of man who is able to give her the kind of attention that she needs to be happy. She wants you to be the kind of guy who is going to take care of her whenever she’s feeling weak or vulnerable.

She is the kind of woman who is going to ask you to be a shoulder to cry on whenever life gets too overwhelming. Yes, money can do a lot of things to make her happy, but nothing will ever be able to replace the intimacy of the human touch. Nothing will ever be enough to compensate for the value of comforting words of affection and encouragement. The prospect of having a nice future with lots of money will be nothing compared to the prospect of having a nice future with lots of undivided attention in the relationship. She would willingly give up all the riches in the world if it meant that you would always be willing to listen to her whenever she needs to talk. She wouldn’t want anything to do with all the money if it means that you would just end up ignoring her. A good woman knows that giving one another the attention that you need is more important in a relationship than money.

You would be able to pass through any store in the mall and buy her anything that she could desire. You could take the most lavish trips to the most luxurious places in the world and not have to worry about roughing it. You could throw her the most extravagant parties and fill your house with all of the rich people in the world. But in the end, none of that is ever going to be as important to her as your love. That’s what it all boils down to. It all comes down to whether you love her or not. So regardless if you can give her a mansion with acres of garden space or a small and cramped studio apartment in the middle of a bad neighborhood, the only thing that is really going to matter to her is whether you love her or not. That’s the one thing that she is going to be expecting from you. That is the only thing that is going to be nonnegotiable. She can live without the money as nice as it would be to have infinite amounts of it. But she could never live a life without your love.

  1. I have a lady who is in a relationship with the only time she texts or calls me is when she needs money from me after she don’t want to know how am doing what to do it stop this situation

  2. It might sound like attacking chubby girls but it’s not. The writer was just trying to express life on his preferences and from his personal perspective. We differ in opinions and our likes and don’t’s. There men who like chubby girls and those that like slim ones. It’s about choices. The summary of the writer is that regardless of choices in choosing partners slim girls are more attractive than chubby due to health issues.

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